The Full Form of NAFED Meaning, and Definition 

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What is the Full Form of NAFED

NAFED Stands for National Agricultural Co-operative Marketing Federation of India Limited. NAFED is a cooperative society registered under the Multi-State Co-operative Societies Act of India. NAFED was Formed on 2 October 1958 to enhance the cooperative marketing of agricultural products so as to benefit the farmers.

The regional headquarters of NAFED is in New Delhi, and 28 regional offices are located in major cities in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata.

NAFED is an organization of marketing cooperatives for agricultural produce in India under the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, with the objective of promoting trade in agricultural produce and forest resources throughout the country.

Objectives of NAFED

  • The main objective of NAFED is to organize, promote and develop agricultural and forest produce marketing and storage.
  • Providing technical assistance in agricultural production.
  • Assisting, coordinating, and promoting the marketing and trade activities of agricultural partners.
  • Supplying agricultural, marketing, and processing needs, such as manures, seeds, fertilizers, etc.
  • Constructing godowns and storage facilities in accordance with the Warehousing Act.
  • The purchase, sale, and storage of agricultural, horticultural, and animal husbandry products on behalf of any government or cooperative.
  • Covering any accidents that may occur with insurance.
  • Organization of consultancy services for the benefit of affiliated institutions under NAFED
  • Research and dissemination of market intelligence in marketing
  • For the purpose of carrying out NAFED’s objectives, it subscribes to share capital and collaborates with cooperative institutions and public, joint, and private sector enterprises.