Whinge Meaning in English

Meaning ➦ To complain in an annoying way whine

Definition✎: A complaint or expression of discontent, typically in a whining or complaining tone.

Pronunciation🔊: UK /wɪndʒ/ : US /wɪndʒ/

Whinge Synonyms

  • Complain
  • whine
  • moan
  • grumble
  • grouse
  • kvetch

Whinge Antonyms

  • Praise
  • applaud
  • commend
  • rejoice

Examples & Use of Whinge in a Sentence

  1. (Noun) Maria’s constant winge about her workload was starting to annoy her colleagues.
  2. (Adjective) His winge attitude made it challenging to work with him.
  3. Stop the constant wingeing and try to find a solution to the problem.
  4. She couldn’t stand his winge and decided to avoid him.