onctional Meaning, Definition & Synonyms

onctional Meaning in English Meaning ➦ repeated movement from one position to another Definition✎: repeated change from one feeling or opinion to another Pronunciation🔊: /ˌɑː.səlˈeɪ.ʃən/ onctional Synonyms onctional Antonyms Use of onctional in a Sentence

Otto Meaning, Definition & Synonyms

Otto Meaning in English Meaning ➦ Otto is a male given name of German origin ” Rich,wealth, prosperity” Definition✎: Otto refers to a person’s name, particularly a male’s name Pronunciation🔊: (ˈɑtou, German ˈɔtou) Otto Synonyms Otto Antonyms Use of Otto in a Sentence

Whinge Meaning, Definition & Synonyms

Whinge Meaning in English Meaning ➦ To complain in an annoying way whine Definition✎: A complaint or expression of discontent, typically in a whining or complaining tone. Pronunciation🔊: UK /wɪndʒ/ : US /wɪndʒ/ Whinge Synonyms Whinge Antonyms Examples & Use of Whinge in a Sentence

Derby Meaning, Definition & Synonyms

Derby Meaning in English Meaning ➦ A Sports Competition Involving Teams from The Same Local Region Pronunciation🔊: dur-bee Definition✎: A “Derby” is a race, competition, or sporting event that involves participants or teams from a specific locality or region. Derby Synonyms Derby Antonyms Examples Use of Derby in a Sentence

Natan Meaning, Definition & Synonyms

Natan Meaning in English Meaning ✅: God has given Definition✎: Natan is a name of Hebrew origin, and it is commonly given to boys. It carries the meaning of “giver” or “gift from God” in Hebrew culture. Pronunciation🔊: [Nah-tahn] Natan Synonyms Natan Antonyms Examples Use of Natan in a Sentence

Hamas Meaning, Definition & Synonyms

Hamas Meaning in English Meaning ➦ Hamas is a Palestinian political and military organization. founded in 1987 with the aim of establishing an Islamic state in Palestine Definition✎: Hamas, officially known as the Islamic Resistance Movement, is a Palestinian political and military organization operating primarily in the Gaza Strip and West Bank regions. It was founded in … Read more

Audacity Meaning, Definition & Synonyms

Audacity Meaning in English Meaning ✅: Bold, Daring, or Fearless Quality Characterized Definition✎: Audacity can be defined as the willingness to take bold risks, to act in a daring or unconventional manner, or to exhibit impertinence or nerve. It often involves doing something considered audacious or showing a fearless disposition. Pronunciation🔊: pronounced as “aw-das-i-tee,” … Read more

FYI Meaning, Definition & Synonyms

FYI Meaning in English Meaning ✅: For Your Information Definition✎: FYI is a brief way of saying, “I thought you should know” or “Here’s some information for you.” It is used to share facts, updates, or details with others without seeking a specific response or action. Pronunciation🔊: eff-why-eye Examples Use of FYI in a Sentence

Thriving Meaning, Definition & Synonyms

Thriving Meaning in English Meaning ✅: Prosperity, Growth, or Success Definition✎: Thriving refers to the act of flourishing or prospering, often in terms of health, business, personal well-being, or any other positive aspect of life. It signifies a state of growth and success. Pronunciation🔊: /ˈθraɪvɪŋ/ (THRIGH-ving) Thriving Synonyms Thriving Antonyms Examples Use of Thriving in a … Read more

Aioli Meaning, Definition & Synonyms

Aioli Meaning in English Meaning 📖: Mediterranean sauce that originated in Provence, France Definition✎: Aioli is a garlic-flavored sauce or condiment that is often used as a dip or spread. It is made by emulsifying garlic, olive oil, and sometimes egg yolks, creating a creamy and flavorful sauce. Pronunciation🗣: as /aɪˈoʊli/ (eye-OH-lee) Aioli Synonyms … Read more