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The Full Form of ZOO: Zoological park

ZOO stands for Zoological park. A zoo, short for zoological park or garden, is a facility where wild animals are kept primarily for public exhibition. Animals in zoos live in enclosures, ranging from large, naturalistic outdoor habitats to smaller indoor spaces.

While many believe “zoo” is an acronym, its origins trace back to Greek. Derived from “zoon,” meaning “animal,” and “-logia,” meaning “study,” “zoo” embodies the very essence of these extraordinary spaces – places dedicated to understanding and interacting with the animal kingdom.

Zoos also serve several other purposes beyond entertainment, such as:

  • Education: Zoos provide opportunities for people of all ages to learn about different animal species, their habitats, and the importance of conservation.
  • Conservation: Many zoos participate in breeding programs for endangered or threatened species, playing a vital role in preserving biodiversity.
  • Research: Zoos offer valuable opportunities for scientists to study animal behavior, health, and ecology.
  • Animal welfare: Modern zoos prioritize animal welfare and strive to provide their residents with enriching environments and proper care.

Other Acronyms, and meanings of ZOO

AcronymsMeaning Category
ZOOZakon O ObveznimInternational
ZOOZoo Compressed file archiveComputing
ZOOZoo Digital Group, P.L.C. Ordinary sharesLondon Stock Exchange
ZOOZoologically Obsessed OctogenarianFunnies
ZOOZoology, Ontology, OntogenyAcademic & Science

Related FAQs

What is the meaning of ZOO?

The meaning of ZOO is “Zoological park “.

What does ZOO stands for

ZOO stands for “Zoological park “.

What is the full form of ZOO?

The Full Form of ZOO is “Zoological park “.

What does ZOO mean?

ZOO means “Zoological park “.

What is the ZOO Meaning?

The ZOO means “Zoological park “.

What is the ZOO Full Form

The ZOO Full Form is “Zoological park“.

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