onctional Meaning in English

Meaning ➦ repeated movement from one position to another

Definition✎: repeated change from one feeling or opinion to another

Pronunciation🔊: /ˌɑː.səlˈeɪ.ʃən/

onctional Synonyms

  • there are no any Synonyms of onctional

onctional Antonyms

  • there are no any Antonyms of onctional

Use of onctional in a Sentence

  1. The pendulum’s oscillation from side to side fascinated the physics students as they observed its repeated movement.
  2. The oscillation of the fan’s blades provided a soothing rhythm, creating a gentle breeze in the room.
  3. The stock market experienced significant oscillation throughout the week, with prices repeatedly shifting between highs and lows.
  4. The scientist studied the oscillation of sound waves, noting their repeated movement between compression and rarefaction.
  5. The gymnast’s flawless routine showcased a perfect balance, characterized by a graceful oscillation between various poses and movements.