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The Full Form of IEDC: International Economic Development Council

IEDC stands for International Economic Development Council. IEDC is a non-profit organization that serves as a professional association for economic developers. IEDC is focused on promoting economic development as a means to create and retain jobs, as well as to improve the quality of life in communities around the world.

Objective of IEDC

IEDC provides resources, training, and networking opportunities for professionals involved in economic development. Members of IEDC include economic development practitioners, government officials, business leaders, consultants, and others who work in various aspects of economic development.

The organization offers a range of programs and services, including conferences, educational courses, publications, and research, to support the economic development profession and help its members stay informed about best practices and emerging trends in the field.

Other Acronyms, and meanings of IEDC

IEDCIntegrated Education for Disabled ChildrenEducational
IEDCInternational Executive Development CenterDevelopment
IEDCIndiana Economic Development CorporationCompanies & Firms
IEDCInternational Economic Development CouncilDevelopment
IEDCInland Empire Disabilities CollaborativeDisability
IEDCInland Empire Deliverance CenterUnclassified
IEDCItasca Economic Development CorporationCompanies & Firms
IEDCIndo European Documentation CenterEuropean
IEDCInnovation and Entrepreneurship Development CellDevelopment
IEDCInstitutional Equity and Diversity CommitteeCommittees

Related FAQs

What is the meaning of IEDC?

The meaning of IEDC is “International Economic Development Council “.

What does IEDC stands for

IEDC stands for “International Economic Development Council “.

What is the full form of IEDC?

The Full Form of IEDC is “International Economic Development Council “.

What does IEDC mean?

IEDC means “International Economic Development Council “.

What is the IEDC Meaning?

The IEDC means “International Economic Development Council “.

What is the IEDC Full Form

The IEDC Full Form is “International Economic Development Council“.

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