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The Full Form of PLB – Programmable Logic Block

PLB Stands for Programmable Logic Block. A programmable logic block (PLB) is a device that allows you to program multiple logic functions onto a small number of circuit boards.

The Programmable Logic Block (or PLB) is a new technology in the Verilog HDL that makes it possible for you to design complex logic circuits.

This means that you no longer have to come up with circuit design ideas on paper, create a Verilog design, and then implement the design using a Hardware Description Language (HDL) compiler.

You can now design your circuit using a set of blocks in your HDL and then use these blocks to create your circuit implementation in Verilog.

This means that you can design your circuit once in Verilog and then use the same set of blocks to implement the circuit in hardware.

PLBs have a variety of applications, such as making it easy to change the functionality of your product, adding on extra features, and reducing the size of your product.


The Full Form of PLB Medical – Primary Lymphoma of Bone

PLB Stands for Primary Lymphoma of Bone. Primary Lymphoma of Bone is a type of cancer that starts in the bone. It’s a rare form of cancer that affects the blood cells.

The cancer cells spread to other areas of the body. Primary Lymphoma of Bone may affect the blood cells that help the body fight infection, such as white blood cells and platelets.


What is the meaning of PLB in Aviation location?

PLB is an acronym for Personal Locator Beacon. A Personal Locator Beacon broadcasts your current location and can be used to help others find you in an emergency.

They are usually built into a wristband or other wearable device and can transmit your current location to the authorities or to friends and family. Your location is broadcast continuously unless you actively change it,

which can be done by clicking the “Change” button on the Beacon’s settings menu. Once you are ready to share your location, click the “Share” button on the Beacon’s settings menu to begin the transmission.

What is the full form of PLB in salary?

PLB is an acronym for Productivity Linked Bonus. Productivity Linked Bonus is a way of increasing the efficiency of your business by linking the salaries of your employees to their productivity.

As your employees hit their targets, their salaries increase. As their productivity decreases, their salaries decrease. It’s a smart way of motivating employees without the need for bonuses or other financial incentives.

Similar meaning of PLB

There are some of the most commonly used acronyms, abbreviations, full forms, and the meaning of PLB are listed in different categories below the table.

TermsFull Forms
PLBPayload LoopBack
PLBPassenger Loading Bridge
PLBProfessional Licensing Bureau
PLBPayload Bay
PLBPresent Law Base
Law & Legal
PLBPersonal Locator Beacon
PLBPlease Layoff Butter
PLBPersonal Location Beacon
PLBPhysics Letters B
PLBProgrammable Logic Block
PLBPicture Level Benchmark
PLBPeace, Light, And Bliss
PLBPrimary Lymphoma of Bone
Full Forms of PLB