The Full Form of ECG Meaning, and Definition 

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The Full Form of ECG: Electrocardiogram

ECG Stands for Electrocardiogram. ECG is a medical test that records heart-beat on a paper graph or on the computer screen in the form of electrical impulses. ECG test Diagnoses different types of heart problems and heart functioning through the electric wave.

The ECG test can detect different types of heart-related problems such as heart attack in the past, a sudden increase in heartbeat, the cause of chest pain, if a person has high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, breathing Difficulty in a heartbeat, etc.

Types of ECG Tests

  1. Resting ECG:-
    A resting ECG test is operated on when the patient is in a comfortable position and impulses are recorded.
  2. Ambulatory ECG:-
    In this, the patient can also do his minor work, and impulses are recorded, it helps to monitor the heart for one or more days.
  3. Stress or Exercise ECG:-
    A stress or exercise ECG test is done when the patient using a treadmill or exercise.

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Meaning and full form of ECG