What is Virus Full Form, Meaning, And Definition

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The Full Form of VIRUS: Vital Information Resources Under Seize

VIRUS Stands for Vital Information Resources Under Seize. The virus is a specific kind of bacterium that lives in the body. Proteins are made up of DNA or RNA. Viruses are usually surrounded by a protective covering of proteins lipids or glycoproteins.

Viruses are very small, their diameter ranges from about 20 nanometers to 400 nanometers. A virus can infect any animal, plant, or bacteria and often causes very serious or even fatal diseases. It spreads through contact with a body fluid Some of the diseases caused by viruses are as follows –

What is Virus Full-Form, Meaning, And Definition
What is Virus Full-Form, Meaning, And Definition
AidsDengue Fever
Chicken PocksHepatitis
Chicken PoxHerpes
TrachomaCommon Cold

What is a computer virus?

A Computer virus is a type of malicious software that can cause harm to your computer. They are usually designed to disrupt, damage, or steal data. It can infect your computer when you download software or visit websites.

Some viruses can also be spread via email, or when you share files on a flash drive or other external drive. A computer virus may be a program, Which works on your computer without permission and damages the computer.

It can damage your computer’s important files, hard drive, operating system, and software. some popular computer virus is –

  • Computer Worms
  • Trojan horse
  • Spam virus
  • Spyware
  • Zombies

Types of Computer viruses

There are many different types of viruses, all have different ways of infecting a computer and stealing data. Some are designed to look like legitimate programs and files.

Many viruses are designed to infect a single program or file, while others are designed to infect a whole system.

There are also worms, which can infect multiple programs and files at once. Some viruses install the software on the computer without the permission of the computer user.

And also works to steal your data and reach it to the hacker. there are the most popular Types of Computer viruses.

  • Boot sector viruses
  • Program viruses
  • Multipartite viruses
  • Stealth viruses
  • Macro viruses
  • Polymorphic viruses
  • Active X viruses
  • Browser hijacker
  • Resident viruses
  • File infector viruses

How to protect your computer from virus

  • not use or download “cracked” or “modded” applications on your computer.
  • Always make sure your software is up to date.
  • Don’t open email attachments from unknown sources
  • Do not open sites that redirect you to a porn/gambling site.
  • Keep a pop-up blocker on your browser.
  • Always back up your important data.
  • Always Use a strong password.
  • Use antivirus software on your computer.

VIRUS is used as an acronym to represent Vital Information Resources Under Seize. now you might have got some idea about the abbreviation, acronym, Full form, and meaning of VIRUS. But, There Are some Most Using Full-Form and meaning of VIRUS acronyms and abbreviations listed in different categories below the table.