The Full Form of SPG Meaning, and Definition 

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The Full Form of SPG – Special Protection Group

SPG Stands for Special Protection Group. The SGG (Special Protection Group) is a specialized group of the Police Force that is tasked with pursuing and prosecuting gangsters. They are assigned to a specific area, such as a city, and are responsible for investigations into organized crime that crosses the boundaries of the group.

On 2 June 1988, an Act of Parliament established the Special Protection Group in New Delhi. Delhi is the state where its headquarter is located since it was constructed in Delhi.

It was established to provide security for the Prime Minister, past Prime Ministers, and their immediate families. It functions directly under the Intelligence Bureau (IB), which is part of the Cabinet Secretariat.

How to become an SPG

There is no direct application process for recruitment for the SPG. You may be eligible for selection if you are already employed by a security agency in any country.

SPG soldiers are recruited by the police and paramilitary forces (BSF, CISF, ITBP, CRPF).

Two Deputy Inspector Generals, one Assistant Inspector General, and two IGs conduct the in-depth interview for SPG.

The next step will be a qualifying physical examination, a written test, and a psychological assessment. Only if you do well in every stage will you be selected for specialized training.

It has a very difficult training program. Once you have successfully completed this training, you are appointed as an SPG commando shift-by-shift.

What is the salary of an SPG commando?

As a starting salary, SPG commandos earn between ₹84,236 and ₹90,000. The maximum salary they can earn in a month is about 240457 Rupees. Bonuses range from ₹153 to ₹16,913, and commissions up to ₹10,000 are also offered.

Commandos of the SPG are not only paid well but also receive many holidays throughout the year. As well as this, their PF and TDS are deducted so that they will be able to receive good retirement income in the future.

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