The Full Form of FIR Meaning in police

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Full Form of FIR: First Information Report

FIR Stands for First Information Report. FIR is the first step in the police investigation of a crime. that is used to record the initial information or allegations about a crime.

The first information report is the first step in a police investigation. The first information report is usually filed by the complainant, which means that the person has experienced the crime or has information regarding it.

The police will record all pertinent facts about the incident in the FIR, which is a legal document. The FIR is a public document and can be used as evidence in court.

The First Information Report is used to begin the criminal process, which may result in a trial or a police arrest.

What is the process for registering an FIR?

The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, mentions FIR in section 154. An individual who provides information about an incident/incident/crime orally is written to by the police.

You have the right as a complainant or citizen giving information to have the information you have provided read to you. This is after it has been written down by the police. It is necessary for you to sign the information you were given by the police after writing it down.

This report should only be signed if you feel that your information has been accurately reported by the police. You should also feel that you have not been misrepresented, or that the facts are accurate.

If you are unable to write or read, you can make thumb impressions on this report. A copy of the FIR must be obtained after it has been registered. and also you can obtain free copies of the FIR.

What kind of information should be given in FIR?

You should include information such as your name, address, date, time, and location when filing the FIR. It is imperative that the FIR contains all the facts about the incident/incident/crime, the names, addresses, and other information of the participants. If there are any eyewitnesses, their names and addresses.

It is essential not to distort the facts or give incorrect information when filing the FIR. In this case, you can be prosecuted under section 203 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860. Ensure that it does not contain any statements you aren’t sure about.


There are some of the most commonly used acronyms, abbreviations, full forms, and the FIR meaning are listed in different categories below the table.

TermsFull Forms
FIRFinancial Information Return
FIRFinite Impulse Response
FIRFirst Investigation Report
FIRForce Information Room
FIRFinal Inspection Report
FIRFar InfraRed
FIRField Interrogation Reports
FIRFirst Information Record
FIRFire and Insect Resiliency
FIRFar Infra-Red
FIRFlight Information Region
FIRFirst Information Report