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CDS Full form in india » Combined Defence Services

CDS Stands for Combined Defence Services. CDS is a defense service examination. The Combined Defense Services is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission for the recruitment of officers from the Indian Military Academy, Indian Air Force, Officers’ Training Academy of the Navy.

This CDS exam is generally conducted twice every year in the month of February and November. Candidates who successfully clear the Combined Defense Services interview conducted by the Services Selection Board are further admitted to their respective academies. The different thing about CDS is that only unmarried candidates can take this exam.

CDS Full form in Army » Chief of Defence Staff

CDS Stands for Chief of Defence Staff. CDS is a position where the person assigned will directly advise the government on army matters. Chief of Defence Staff will be able to provide advice to the government on issues involving the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force. Our three armies will be able to communicate with one another in this way. This post will be manned by a five-star military officer.

CDS is used as an acronym to represent Combined Defence Services. But, There Are some Most Using CDS Full form is ”cylinder deactivation systems in Driving or the Meaning of CDS of giving abbreviation is credit default swap“  in sales or The full form of CDS is ” Criminal Defence Service “. But CDS has many Full-Forms listed in different categories below the table.

CDS AcronymsCDS Meaning
CDSCertification Data Sheet
CDSCommand Data Set
CDSCivil Defense Simultest
CDSCombat Development System
CDSCompliance Data System
CDSChemical Dependency Specialist
CDSCargo Delivery System
CDSCombat Data System
CDSCivil Direction of Shipping
CDSCentral Data Subsystems (NASA)
CDSCivil Defense System
CDSCollision Detector System (NASA)
CDSChamber of Destination of Ships
CDSChief of Defence Staff (Canada)
CDSCryptographic Device Services
CDSControlled Drug Substance
CDSCrashworthy Data System
CDSCommand Destruct System
CDSCombat Direction System
CDSComponent Data Sheet
CDSCombat Defense Squadron (US Air Force)
CDSCockpit Design System
CDSCubic Defense Systems
CDSComprehensive Data Set (Canada)
CDSCockpit Development Station
CDSCapability Design Specifications
CDSCriminal Defence Service (UK)
CDSCrashworthiness Data System
CDSCity Development Strategy
CDSChemical Decontamination System
CDSCommander Destroyer Squadron (US Navy)
CDSCommunications Deception Unit
CDSCongressional Data Sheet
CDSControl Data System

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