What is SONAR Full Form, Meaning, And Definition

Full Form of SONAR » Sound Navigation and Ranging

SONAR Stands for Sound Navigation and Ranging. Sound Navigation and Ranging is a technique used by whales, dolphins, porpoises, and other cetaceans to navigate and find food.

The same technique is used by human beings to locate detect and navigate objects in the water, such as other ships, submarines, and rocks, and to track the position of those objects.

How to work Sonar technology

Sound navigation systems and ranging systems use Ultrasonic sound waves to navigate the object. Sound navigation uses sounds that can be picked up by a microphone, such as the beep of a radar signal.

The Sonar system then uses this audio information to navigate. Ranging systems use sounds that can be detected by a microphone, such as crows, but instead of using them to navigate, the system uses them to detect the location of a listener.

Who is the Inventor of sonar

Sonar is derived from an American term. This term was also used as a short form of sound navigation during WWII. Reginald Aubrey Fessenden is credited the inventing the sonar system.

But, The first sonar technique was by Leonardo da Vinci in 1490 during World War I.  there are many other facts related to the History and Invention Of the Sonar System such as-

  • In 1822, Daniel Colloden used a bell to calculate the speed of water in a lake in Switzerland. On the basis of this, some scientists believe that the invention of sonar technology started from there. However, at that time this technology was not that effective.
  • In 1906, a sonar device was invented by Lewis Nixon. Which he used to find the iceberg.
  • During the First World War, sonar technology was used to detect underwater submarines. Sonar started being used by armies of all countries.
  • In 1915, Paul Langevin created a sonar device known as “Echolocation of Detecting Submarines” by using the quartz piezoelectric property of submarines to detect ocean objects.

Uses of Sonar technology

Use of Sonar for Military purposes

  • The most common use of the sonar system is to locate and destroy enemy ships and submarines.
  • The sound Navigation system is used to find out the path and navigate the submarine in the sea.
  • For safe navigation in shallow water.
  • To determine the shipping location.
  • To measure the speed of sound.
  • for the purpose of repairing machinery

The use of sonar in Medical science

  • In medical science, sonar is used in the form of sonography in abdominal, heart, obstetrics, gynecology, cerebrovascular examination, breast examination etc.
  • In conducting hearing research.

Use of Sonar for the common citizens

  • In taking a sea voyage.
  • its uses for root mapping.
  • To find out the fish in the sea.
  • To find the location and disposal of a sinking shipwreck.

The use of sonar in research.

  • Animal location and tracking.
  • To make seismic measurements.
  • To locate the bottom topography.
  • To Volcano measurement.
  • To locate the resource location.

Does Sonar Kill Marine Wildlife

The sonar system generates ultrasonic waves. The sonar system can produce sound waves up to 2 – 235 decibels, and it is so harmful that it can easily tear your lungs and eardrum. Therefore, it is used only within a boundary area.