What is Memu Full Form, meaning and definition

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The Full Form of Memu – Mainline Electric Multiple Unit

Memu Stands for Mainline Electric Multiple Unit. MEMU is an electric mainline train. The Sub-Urban Route is a passenger service of the Indian Railways running short distances. These trains are modern and their operation costs relatively less.

The Memu trains are lighter and stronger than conventional trains. it operates with more stoppages at several stations. The local trains of Mumbai are MEMU. The speed of these trains is faster than the passenger train.

  • MEMU train consumes less energy as compared to the locomotive-driven train.
  • MEMU trains have a higher power/weight ratio than locomotive-hauled trains, as they do not have a single heavy locomotive, which contributes to the total weight of the train but does not carry passengers. | Therefore, they have quick acceleration and after stopping at several stoppage stations, they gain speed quickly due to their low weight.
  • MEMU trains can be fitted with power cabs at both ends, thereby reducing turnaround time, and providing lower crew costs and greater safety.
  • MEMU trains have multiple engine motors, failure of one engine does not affect the train. However, the failure of more than one unit may result in the evacuation of the entire train.
  • A MEMU train has a low axle load, allowing it to be operated on light tracks where heavy locomotives are restricted.
  • The environment of MEMU train is noisier than that of a locomotive train and also has more vibration.