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The Full Form of PSLV: Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle

PSLV Stands for Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle. PSLV is the third-generation launch vehicle of India. It is a type of rocket launcher that is used to deliver or place artificial satellites in polar orbit into space. PSLV was developed by the Indian Space Research Organization. it has three variants PSLV-G, PSLV – CA, PSLV – XL.

Artificial satellites cannot be launched directly into space because Artificial satellites have to face the gravitational force of the earth to get out of the earth’s atmosphere and to be installed in the earth’s orbit.

So it is sent inside a rocket. because these rockets act as a vehicle for satellites so it is known as Satellite launch vehicles.

Characteristics of PSLV

Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle-PSLV is India’s 3rd generation satellite vehicle in which a liquid engine has been used. The vehicle was first launched on 20 September 1993. the technical specification of the pslv is Following

Vehicle – name PSLV
Country of originIndia
Height44 m
Diameter2.8 m
Number of Stages4
Lift Off Mass320 tonnes (XL)
Variants3 (PSLV-G, PSLV – CA, PSLV – XL)
First FlightSeptember 20, 1993

Difference between GSLV and PSLV?

Polar Satellite Launch VehicleGeosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle
India’s third-generation launch vehicleit is a 4th generation launch vehicle
PSLV is fitted with a conventional liquid rocket engineGSLV is fitted with a cryogenic rocket engine
it consists of four stages and six boosters.GSLV consists of three stages and four boosters.
The lift-off mass of PSLV is 320 tonnes.The lift-off mass of GSLV is 414.75 tonnes.
Difference between GSLV and PSLV?
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