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The Full Form of ICRR: Incremental Cash Reserve Ratio

ICRR stands for Incremental Cash Reserve Ratio. ICRR refers to the additional portion of deposits that banks are required to hold as cash with the central bank of a country. It is a tool used by central banks to manage the amount of money circulating in the economy.

In simple terms, ICRR means that when a bank receives more deposits from its customers, it needs to set aside a certain percentage of those new deposits as cash reserves with the central bank. This is done to ensure that the bank has enough funds available to meet the withdrawal demands of its customers and to control excessive money supply growth in the economy.

For example, let’s say the central bank sets an ICRR of 10%. If a bank receives $1 million in new deposits, it would need to keep $100,000 (10% of $1 million) as cash reserves with the central bank. This helps prevent the bank from lending out all of the new deposits and potentially causing too much money to be in circulation, which could lead to inflation.

Objective of ICRR

ICRR is a way for central banks to influence the overall money supply, credit availability, and economic stability. By adjusting the ICRR requirement, central banks can affect how much money banks can lend out, which in turn can impact spending, investment, and overall economic activity.


Other Acronyms, and meanings of ICRR

ICRRImmigration Control and Refugee RecognitionGovernmental
ICRRImplementation Completion and Results ReportMiscellaneous
ICRRIncremental Cash Reserve RatioMiscellaneous
ICRRIndonesian Center for Rice ResearchInternational
ICRRInstitute for Collaborative Race ResearchAcademic & Science
ICRRInstitute for Cosmic Ray ResearchAcademic & Science
ICRRIntegrating Community Risk ReductionCommunity
ICRRInter-Capital and Regional RailRegional
ICRRInternal Credit Risk RatingMiscellaneous
ICRRInternational Centre for Reincarnation ResearchInternational
ICRRInternational Congress for Radiation ResearchInternational
ICRRInternational Congress of Radiation ResearchInternational
ICRRInternational Consortium For RegenerativeInternational
ICRRInternational Consortium for Regenerative RehabilitationInternational
ICRRInvasive Cervical Root ResorptionMiscellaneous
ICRRIslamic Center of Round RockReligion
ICRRIsraeli Committee for Right of ResidencyCommittees

Related FAQs

These FAQs cover a range of categories and provide insights into the different meanings and significance of the acronym “ICRR.”

In terms of government, what does ICRR stand for?

ICRR might represent “Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition,” a governmental effort to manage immigration processes and provide recognition to refugees.

What does ICRR stand for in an international context?

ICRR could stand for “International Centre for Reincarnation Research,” an organization focusing on studying reincarnation across different cultures and societies.

What is the full form of ICRR?

The Full Form of ICRR is “Incremental Cash Reserve Ratio “.

What is the meaning of ICRR in the banking category?

ICRR can represent the “Incremental Cash Reserve Ratio,” a financial term used to describe the additional percentage of deposits banks must hold as cash reserves with a central bank.

What does ICRR stand for in the field of Academics & Science?

ICRR stands for “Institute for Cosmic Ray Research.” It is an organization focused on research related to cosmic rays and their impact on various scientific phenomena.

What is the ICRR Full Form

The ICRR Full Form is “Incremental Cash Reserve Ratio“.

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