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What is BBC Full Form?

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The Full Form of BBC is British Broadcasting Corporation. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is one of the largest broadcasting networks in the world. The BBC is the world’s oldest national broadcasting organization and the largest broadcaster in the world by the number of employees.

It is headquartered at Broadcasting House, London. In Great Britain, it held a monopoly on television until 1954 and on radio until 1972. Most of its programs focus on global news and events.

These programs are translated into various other languages ​​so that they can be broadcast in other countries of the world.

Its news channel is quite popular all over the world and is broadcast in almost all the countries of the world like India, China, the USA, the UK, Brazil, France, Italy, and Australia. The major part of its revenue comes from the broadcasting news channel “BBC News”.


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The BBC Full Form is Bloody Bad Content in Text & massage. it is a chatting term that is used to a social community of people.
As BBC is an acronym so it has many full forms in different categories. Finally, the Most Using BBC Full Forms Are “Before Before Christ“,” Best Book Competition” and “Bloody Bad Content” also, BBC has many Full-Forms listed in different categories below the table. Let’s Learn the BBC Full Form in English.


AcronymsBBC MeaningCategory
BBCBaathist Broadcasting CorporationNews & Media
BBCBaby Bond ConnectPhysiology
BBCBad Boy ChannelMiscellaneous
BBCBad Boyz ClubLaw & Legal
BBCBadly Behaved ChristianReligion
BBCBagong Buhay ClubClubs
BBCBand Basket CrawlMusic
BBCBarely Believable ContentChat
BBCBasic Band CommitteeMusic
BBCBattery Box CoverMilitary
BBCBeastie Boys CorporationMiscellaneous
BBCBeef, Bacon, and CheddarFood & Nutrition
BBCBefore Before ChristReligion
BBCBell Book and CandleCompanies & Firms
BBCBergen Brunswig CorporationNYSE Symbols
BBCBerkshire Boys ChoirMusic
BBCBest Book CompetitionNews & Media
BBCBetter Balanced CoverageOccupation & Positions
BBCBetter Benefits CoalitionNon-Profit Organizations
BBCBharat Broadcasting CorporationNews & Media
BBCBig Bad CarpFishing
BBCBig Ben CollectiveMiscellaneous
BBCBig Black CatVeterinary
BBCBig Block ChevyTransportation
BBCBig Blue CarMiscellaneous
BBCBig Bucks CompanyMiscellaneous
BBCBig Buddha CafeCompanies & Firms
BBCBigger Better ColoniesGovernmental
BBCBigots Broadcasting CompanyMiscellaneous
BBCBionicle Based CreationsCompanies & Firms
BBCBirthday Book ClubCompanies & Firms
BBCBlack Box CommunicationCompanies & Firms
BBCBlade Brake ClutchProducts
BBCBlair Broadcasting CensorshipMiscellaneous
BBCBlair Broadcasting CorporationCompanies & Firms
BBCBlair Brown CroniesMiscellaneous
BBCBlair’s Broadcasting CorporationMiscellaneous
BBCBlairs Broadcasting CompanyMiscellaneous
BBCBlairs Bullshoot ChannelMiscellaneous
BBCBless the Beasts and the ChildrenReligion
BBCBloated Broadcaster CrushedMiscellaneous
BBCBlonde By ChoiceChat
BBCBloody Bad ContentChat
BBCBloody Bad CoverageMiscellaneous
BBCBloody Broadcasting CompanyMiscellaneous
BBCBlundering Bombastic CynicismNews & Media
BBCBoca Bearing CompanyCompanies & Firms
BBCBombay Bathroom CleanerProducts
BBCBombay Bicycle ClubRestaurants
BBCBootable Business CardGeneral Business
BBCBoothsville Baptist ChurchChurches
BBCBowness Bicycle CompanyCompanies & Firms
BBCBoys Book ClubCompanies & Firms
BBCBradford Beach ClubCompanies & Firms
BBCBreak Bulk CargoShipping & Sailing
BBCBritannia Biscuit CompanyCompanies & Firms
BBCBritish Bacardi CircumstancesHobbies
BBCBritish Bolshevik CommuneMiscellaneous
BBCBritish Born ChineseCommunity
BBCBritish Brainwashing CorporationMiscellaneous
BBCBritish Broadcasting CalamitiesMiscellaneous
BBCBritish Built CarsMiscellaneous
BBCBrits Bashing CatholicsMiscellaneous
BBCBrooks Barrel CompanyCompanies & Firms
BBCBryan Benjamin CzarneckiFamous & Celebs
BBCBryan Broadcasting CompanyNews & Media
BBCBucks Boarding CentreCompanies & Firms
BBCBuggers Broadcasting CommunismMiscellaneous
BBCBuilding Backbone CablingNetworking
BBCBukhari Brothers CorporationCompanies & Firms
BBCBurmese Border ConsortiumUnited Nations
BBCBusiness to Business to ConsumerGeneral Business
BBCBye Bye ColoniesMiscellaneous

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