The Full Form of GPS Meaning, and Definition 

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The Full Form of GPS: Global Positioning System

GPS Stands for Global Positioning System. GPS is a worldwide system of satellites and a satellite-based navigation system. It is used for a wide range of purposes, such as aviation, marine navigation, geology, and land surveying.

The system was originally developed for military purposes but has been adapted for commercial use. it is the most widely used navigation system in the world. Being able to navigate using only your phone or a GPS device is a lot easier than using a paper map and a compass.

History of GPS ( Global Positioning System )

it was the first time in history, a GPS system was used by the U.S. Department of Defense. GPS is also known as the American navigation system or NAVSTAR.

The Soviet Union launched the Sputnik I satellite in 1957 to establish the GPS system. The United States used GPS technology to locate American submarines carrying Navy missiles in the 1960s.

The usage of GPS in the defense and military fields has proven to be quite successful. GPS also played an important role in tasks such as position tracking, navigation, timing, surveying, and mapping. after some time, the government grants it for public use.

How does GPS work?

The Global Positioning System works on the basis of signals received from satellites moving in orbit of the Earth.

  • GPS mainly works by connecting to satellites. As signals are sent from the satellite to earth. And by adding these signals GPS shows on the map.
  • A satellite transmits signals of position and current time information at a given time. These signals travel at the speed of light.
  • GPS receiver receives these signals. On the basis of how much time this message took to reach the receiver, it calculates how far this satellite is.
  • Once the distance of the three satellites is known from you, then GPS can know your location. This process is called trilateration.

Applications and uses of GPS

The system was originally created for military purposes but has since been used for a variety of applications, including navigation, aviation, and the military.

Today, GPS is used by civilians for a vast array of purposes, including military operations, finding directions, geotagging social media posts, tracking vehicles and packages. as well as following purposes

  • Location — Identifying a Position.
  • Tracking — Monitoring objects or personal movement.
  • Mapping — Creating Maps around the world.
  • Timing — With its help, it is possible to make precise time measurements.
  • Navigation — Going from one location to another
  • Anti-theft device — The antitheft system in automobiles and cars has also become possible due to the GPS tracker.
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