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The Full Form of DRG: Defense Research Group

DRG stands for Defense Research Group / District reserve force. DRG is a type of paramilitary force that is deployed in India to assist the police in maintaining law and order in various districts.

DRGs are typically composed of local youth who are given specialized training in weapons handling, jungle warfare, and other combat skills. They are deployed in areas that are prone to insurgency, left-wing extremism, or other forms of violent conflict.

The primary role of DRGs is to provide backup to the police in conducting search and combing operations, tracking down militants or extremists, and providing security to vulnerable areas. They also play a critical role in gathering intelligence and providing vital information to the police about the movement of militants and extremist groups.

DRGs have been instrumental in restoring peace and stability in many conflict-prone areas in India, and their contributions are highly valued by the police and local communities alike.


Other Acronyms, and meanings of DRG

DRGDigital Raster GraphsAcademic & Science
DRGDigital Raster GraphicsComputing
DRGDriving Research GroupMiscellaneous
DRGDorsal Root GanglionMiscellaneous
DRGDisaster Response GroupGovernmental
DRGDigital Ranging GeneratorGovernmental
DRGDynamic Route GuidanceMiscellaneous
DRGDefense Research GroupGovernmental
DRGDiagnosis Related GroupPolice
DRGDiagnosis Related GroupingMedical
DRGDiagnostic Related GroupAcademic & Science
DRGDiagnosis Related GroupMedical
DRGData Retention Gated GroundComputing


What does DRG stand for?

DRG stands for “Development Research Group “.

What is the meaning of DRG?

The meaning of DRG is “Development Research Group “.

What is the full form of DRG in Medical?

The Full Form of DRG is “Diagnosis Related Group” in the context of medical.

What does DRG mean?

DRG means “Development Research Group “.

What is the DRG Meaning in Physiology?

The DRG means “dorsal root ganglion” in Physiology.

What is the DRG Full Form in Police

The DRG Full Form is “Development Research Group” in terms of Police.

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