What is ARMY Full Form, Meaning, And Definition

The Full Form of ARMY: Alert Regular Mobility Young

ARMY stands for Alert Regular Mobility Young. It is a military service that is responsible for the defense of the country. The army is the largest branch of the military and is responsible for land-based military operations. The word Army is derived from the Latin word Armata, which means Armed Force.

What are the various types of the army?

The army is divided into five main components: the infantry, the artillery, the cavalry, the air force, and the navy. Each of these types has its own unique set of responsibilities and functions.

  • The infantry is responsible for engaging the enemy on the ground,
  • while the artillery provides support by blasting the enemy from a distance.
  • The cavalry is used to flank the enemy and chase down fleeing troops,
  • And the air force and navy are used to attack the enemy from the air and sea.

Each of these types is essential to the functioning of the army, and all must work together in order to achieve victory on the battlefield.

What are the functions of the army?

The functions of the army are many and varied. They can include providing national defense, helping to maintain law and order, and assisting in humanitarian relief efforts.

The army can also be used for internal security purposes, such as quelling civil unrest or suppressing riots.

In some cases, the army may also be called upon to carry out administrative duties, such as guarding important facilities or lines of communication.


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