The Full Form of Windows Meaning, and Definition 

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Full Form of Windows: Wide Interactive Network Development for Office Work Solution

Windows Stands for Wide Interactive Network Development for Office Work Solutions. Windows is one of the most common operating systems that run on personal computers, tablets, and smartphones.

It provides the basic framework for the other applications and programs that you load on your computer and runs all of the programs that you use.

  • It is a graphical user interface OS, that allows you to use your computer.
  • It’s a way for you to interact with your computer.
  • Windows operating systems are developed by Microsoft.
  • The first version of Windows was designed to run on the Intel x86 processor and was released in 1985.
  • The operating system manages your computer’s hardware, such as the processor, memory, and storage.
  • Not only windows but also Unix, Linux, and Mac OS is other types of operating system