The Full Form of SOS Meaning, and Definition 

On this page, We are going to learn about the full form of SOS and the meaning of SOS, As well as the meaning, definition, and acronym for SOS in different categories. So you should read this post till the end.

The Full Form of SOS: Save Our Souls

SOS Stands for Save Our Souls. SOS is not an acronym, so it does not have any full form. it is a Morse code sequence. It was introduced on April 1, 1905, by the German government in radio regulations to express “Save Our Ship”.

  • S.O.S. means there is an emergency that requires attention.
  • In the past time, the German government use sos code to transmit the signals. when a person or ship is in danger and needs immediate help
  • The SOS distress code includes three dashes and three dots. three dots represent the letter S and three dashes represent the letter O.
what is the meaning and full form of SOS
what is the meaning and full form of SOS

What is the meaning of SOS In Medical?

In 1999, this maritime radio distress call was replaced by the worldwide Maritime Distress and Safety System. now, SOS uses In medical terms for emergencies. in our phone and massage book, sos is a primary number. Actually, SOS is the Latin language that means “Si Opus Sit.” In medical terms.

What is The meaning of SOS in chat or text?

The Full Form of SOS is Sorry O.K. in chat or text message for WhatsApp. SOS acronyms also used in different ways in chatting or as a slang

  • It can also mean Same Old, Same Old, or Someone Over Shoulder.
  • It is also used for text messages, such as “SOS, I need your help with something”.
  • It can also be used as an exclamation, such as “SOS, I’m in a lot of pain!”.
  • It is sometimes used as a cry for help, such as “SOS, I need to be rescued!”.

There are some of the most commonly used acronyms, abbreviations, full forms, and the SOS meaning are listed in different categories below the table.

TermsFull Forms
SOSMorse code distress signal
SOSSave Our Ship
SOSSave Our Sailors
SOSStrength Of Schedule
SOSSound Of Soul
SOSSave Our Schools
SOSSurvivors Of Suicide
SOSSilicone On Sapphire
Academic & Science
SOSSpawn Of Satan
SOSSafe Online Shopping
SOSSon Of Sevenless gene encoding factor
SOSSystem Of Systems
SOSSecular Organizations for Sobriety
SOSSave Our Souls
SOSSon Of Sam
SOSSupport Our Students
SOSSave Our State
SOSService Over Self
SOSShare Our Strength
SOSSon Of Spy
Full Form of SOS