The Full Form of PDF Meaning, and Definition 

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The Full Form of PDF: Portable Document Format

PDF Stands for Portable Document Format. A pdf (Portable Document File) is a file format used to create and share documents such as letters, resumes, homework assignments, reports, and newsletters.

A pdf can contain any type of text, graphics, images, and other data you can create with a word processor. it can be read, written, or edited whenever you want. The extension of the pdf file is .pdf. The Acrobat company developed Pdf in 1993.

You can also protect the PDF file with a password. in recent times, you get most of the books online in PDF format. This document format can be read with the help of a PDF reader on an Android phone. Adobe Reader can be used to open PDF files on a computer or laptop.

Feature of PDF document

  • PDF Format Portability
  • PDF File Security
  • PDF File Merging
  • create on pdf
  • Convert other documents to PDF
  • Facility to reduce the file size
  • Easy to Share File

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