What is ISDN Full Form, Meaning, And Definition

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The Full Form of ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network

ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network. ISDN is a communications system that transmits voice, video, and data over standard telephone lines. It is a digital technology that allows multiple services to be transmitted over a single line, providing a more efficient and reliable way to transmit data.

ISDN is commonly used for high-speed Internet access, videoconferencing, and other applications that require fast and reliable data transmission.

How many channels are used in ISDN

If We Talk About the Working Of ISDN, Then Two Types Of Channels Are Used In It.


The Full Name Of B Channel Is Bearer Channel, It Is Used To Send Data And Voice.


The Full Name Of D Channel Is Delta Channel, It Is Used For Controlling, Connecting, and Dis-Connecting Signals.

Difference between ISDN and PSTN Connection

ISDN ConnectionPSTN Connection
ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network.PSTN stands for Public Switched Telephone Network.
ISDN Lines Are Digital.PSTN Lines Are Analog.
ISDN is used for Big Companies.PSTN is used Only In Small Companies.
ISDN Speed Is More Than PSTN.PSTN Speed Is slow.
ISDN Transfers Data And Voice at the similar timePSTN Transfers Only Voice.

Advantages of ISDN Connection

Following Are Some Of The Major Advantages Of ISDN Connection –

  • The Biggest Advantage Of ISDN Is That It Is A Digital Connection, Due To Which The Quality Of Voice Is Good.
  • ISDN Connection Can Simultaneously Bring Voice, Video, and Data On A Single Line.
  •  ISDN Provides High Data Transfer Rates.
  • In ISDN, All The Devices Like computers, Card readers, registers Etc. Can Be Connected In A Single Line.

The disadvantage of ISDN Connection

The ISDN Connection Had Several Drawbacks. Following Are Some Of The Disadvantages Of ISDN –

  • In Today’s Time, There Are Connections With Higher Speed Than ISDN.
  • The Cost Of ISDN Is High Due To Which It Is Rarely Used.
  • Many Special Devices Are Needed To Make ISDN, Which Is Not Available Everywhere.
  • Installation Of ISDN Takes A Lot Of Time Which Is Not Right For Business

Similar meaning of ISDN

There are some of the most commonly used acronyms, abbreviations, full forms, and the meaning of ISDN are listed in different categories below the table.

ISDNI See Dollars Now
ISDNI Still Don’t Need
ISDNI Still Don’t No
ISDNIncompatible Silly Digital Nonsense
ISDNIncredibly Speedy Data Now
ISDNIndian Standard Digital Network
ISDNIntegrated Services Digital Network
ISDNIntegrated System Development Network
General Computing
ISDNIs A Switched Digital Network
ISDNisosorbide dinitrate
ISDNIt Still Does Nothing

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