The Full Form of ISCSI Meaning, and Definition 

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Full Form of ISCSI: Internet Small Computer Systems Interface

ISCSI Stands for Internet Small Computer Systems Interface. The iSCSI standard is an extension of the SCSI storage interface that allows SCSI commands to be sent over an IP-based network.

iSCSI enables computers to access hard drives over a network in the same way that they access a drive that is directly connected to a computer.

Applications of ISCSI

iSCSI is a popular protocol used by storage area networks, which allows multiple computers to share multiple hard drives. For example, data centers can be spread across multiple locations using iSCSI and a standard Internet connection.

While data access times may be slower than a direct SCSI connection over the Internet, iSCSI can serve as a helpful means for creating off-site backups and sharing large amounts of data across multiple locations.