The Full Form of API Meaning In Police terms

On this page, We are going to learn about the full form of API in police terms and the meaning of API, As well as what API stands for, the abbreviation, and the acronym for API, So you should read this post till the end.

Full Form of API » Assistant Police Inspector

API Stands for Assistant Police Inspector. API is a rank of Police officer in the police department. API reports to the Police Inspector but is superior to the Police Sub-Inspector (P.S.I.). The Assistant Police Inspector’s uniform is adorned with three stars and a red stripe.

Indian Police Rank List in order

In the below table we provide the police rank list from the highest post to the lowest post. that is clear about what is the higher rank in police as well as what is the lower rank in the police department.

Police Rank ListRank Name
Rank 1Director of Intelligence Bureau(DIB)
Rank 2Director-General of Police(DGP)
Rank 3Additional Director General of Police(ADGP)
Rank 4Inspector-General of Police(IGP)
Rank 5Deputy Inspector General of Police(DIG)
Rank 6Senior Superintendent of Police(SSP)
Rank 7Superintendent of Police(SP)
Rank 8Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP)
Rank 9Deputy Superintendent of Police(DSP)
Rank 10Inspector(IT)
Rank 11Assistant Police Inspector(API)
Rank 12Sub- Inspector(SI)
Rank 13Assistant Sub-inspector(ASI)
Rank 14Head Constable(HC)
Rank 15Senior Police Constable(SPC)
Rank 16Police Constable(PC)

API is used as an acronym to represent Assistant Police Inspector. But, API has many Full-Forms listed in different categories below the table.

TermsAPI Full Form
APIAcademic Performance Index
Academic & Science » Universities
APIActive Pharmaceutical Ingredient
Medical » Laboratory
APIActive Pharmaceutical Item
Medical » Pharmacy
APIAdvance Passenger Information
Governmental » Transportation
APIAdvance Programming Interface
Computing » Software
APIAffluent Parents Index
Governmental » Law & Legal
APIAir Pollution Index
Academic & Science » Meteorology
APIAlaska Psychiatric Institute
Academic & Science » Psychology
APIAmerican Petroleum Institute
Business » Professional Organizations
APIAnimal Protection Institute
Community » Non-Profit Organizations
APIApplication Programming Interface
Computing » Texting
APIAs Per Instructions
Business » Stock Exchange
APIAsian / Pacific Islander
Academic & Science » Genealogy
APIAthletes Performance Institute
APIAtmospheric Pressure Ionization
Academic & Science » Meteorology
APIAutomatic Programming Interface
Computing » Software
APIAutomotive Professionals Inc
Business » Companies & Firms
APIAviation Preflight Indoctrination
Governmental » Military
API Full FormIAS Full FormHDMI Full FormUPIN Full Form
BRO Full FormCBC Full FormATM Full FormSSHD Full Form