The Full Form of EVM Meaning, and Definition 

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Full Form of EVM: Electronic Voting Machine

EVM Stands for Electronic Voting Machine. EVM is a system used to record and tally Public votes Electronically. The electronic voting machine is often used in place of paper ballots. They are mostly used in polling stations.

The EVM machine does not use electricity, but rather runs on batteries. So, The voting process does not stop in the absence of light. EVMs are also claimed not to cause an electric shock to voters.

There is a wide range of voting machines in use today, including lever machines, punch cards, and optical scanners. EVM uses computers to record votes instead of physical objects. These machines range from small devices which record votes and tally them

How does work EVM

There are two main components of an EVM (Electronic Voting Machine). The Control Unit and the Balloting Unit. During the voting process, election officials turn on the voting machine through the ballot machine. To allow you to vote.

In this unit, all the candidates’ names are listed and the voters can choose the candidates they wish to vote for. EVMs are electronic voting machines that consist of this complete set.

When and who invented the EVM machine?

The EVM Machine was invented by Gillespie and inventor Jacob Myers in1898. Myers gave the first demonstration of a voting machine in the 1892 election to the city of Lockport, New York.

M.B Hanifa invented the first Electronic voting machine in India, Electronic Voting Machines in India are manufactured by Bharat Electronics Limited, Bangalore, and Electronics Corporation of India Limited, Hyderabad under the guidance of the Central Election Commission.

Is it Possible to hack EVM?

Other countries use voting machines that are connected to the Internet, which are also vulnerable to hacking. But Indian EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines) work independently.

The microchip used in the EVM is sealed at the time of manufacturing. In order to prevent its programming from being changed. Due to this, it is not possible to influence the results.

When you attempt to open the EVM, the Indian EVM machine automatically becomes inactive. If restarted, it can also detect hardware-software tampering.


There are some of the most commonly used acronyms, abbreviations, full forms, and the EVM meaning are listed in different categories below the table.

TermsFull Forms
EVMElectronic Voting Machine
EVMEthereum Virtual Machine
EVMEcb Virtual Memory
EVMEnvironmental Management
Business Management
EVMEmbedded Virtual Machine
EVMError Vector Magnitude
EVMEnterprise Volume Manager
EVMEarned Value Management
Science and Meteorology