The Full Form of EMF Meaning, and Definition 

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The Full Form of EMF ‣ ElectroMotive Force

EMF Stands for Electromotive Force. Electromotive force (EMF) is a measurement of the electrical potential of a conductor. The EM-force that moves an electric current through a conductor from one end to the other is called the electromotive force (EMF).

In short, For the flow of electrons in an electric circuit, a force is required, which is called electromotive force (EMF).

  • It is a type of force in an electrical circuit that helps to accelerate the movement of electrons in the circuit.
  • EMF is a type of force that can be found in an electric circuit. By that, we can properly use any electrical appliance.
  • EMF is represented by E and Volt is represented by V.
  • The SI unit of ElectroMotive Force is VOLT.
  • EMF is measured with Voltmeter.
  • EMF is measured at the terminal of a cell, battery, dynamo, generator, or alternator.
  • The value of EMF is always greater than voltage and potential difference.
  • The voltmeter is always connected in parallel to measure the EMF.
  • It is used on the terminal of a cell, battery, dynamo or alternator.

The Full Form of EMF ‣ Electromagnetic Field

EMF Stands for Electromotive Force. The Electromagnetic Field is defined as an electromagnetic field containing waves of energy that travel through material and travel in all directions of space.

The Electromagnetic Field is an all-pervasive force that influences all matter and energy in the Universe. A common example of an Electromagnetic Field is the radio waves emitted by broadcast stations for the transmission of information.


There are some of the most commonly used acronyms, abbreviations, full forms, and the EMF meaning are listed in different categories below the table.

TermsFull Forms
EMFE-Mail Forwarding
EMFEntrepreneurial Marketing and Finance
EMFElectromagnetic Field
Academic & Science
EMFElectrical Malfunction Found
EMFElectric And Magnetic Field
Academic & Science
EMFEnhanced Metafile Format
EMFElectromotive Force
Academic & Science
EMFElectro-Magnetic Frequencies
EMFEnhanced MetaFile
EMFEclipse Modeling Framework
EMFEnhanced MetaFile Vector graphics file