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The Full Form of USG: Ultra-Sono-Graphy

USG stands for Ultra-Sono-Graphy. In medicine, “Ultra-Sonography” is a technique used to obtain images of internal parts of the body by means of an ultrasound apparatus. In this technique, high-frequency sounds are used, which penetrate inside the body and are reflected in the form of various organs, or organ structures.

This technique is useful in pregnancy to check the pregnancy of the baby, check for deformities, check heart problems, check testicles, and diagnose other diseases.


Other Acronyms, and meanings of USG

USGUniversal Security GroupComputing
USGUrban Sound GalleryBusiness
USGUrine Specific GravityMedical
USGUninterrupted Shift GearboxMiscellaneous
USGUnited States GaugeRegional
USGUndoped Silicate GlassAcademic & Science
USGUniversity Students GymnasticAcademic & Science
USGUnited States GovernmentGovernmental
USGUnix Systems GroupBusiness
USGUnified Security GatewayMiscellaneous
USGUrban Street GypspysMiscellaneous
USGUniFi Security GatewayMiscellaneous
USGUnix Support GroupComputing
USGUnited Students GovernmentAcademic & Science
USGUniversity Student GovernmentGovernmental
USGUnited Spacefaring GuildComputing
USGUlysses Simpson GrantCommunity
USGUnion Station GatewayRegional
USGUnited States GypsumBusiness
USGU S G CorporationBusiness
USGUnited States GallonsMiscellaneous
USGUndergraduate Student GovernmentAcademic & Science
USGUnofficial Strategy GuideComputing
USGUser Support GroupComputing

Related FAQs

What is the meaning of USG?

The meaning of USG is “Ultra-Sono-Graphy “.

What does USG stands for

USG stands for “Ultra-Sono-Graphy “.

What is the full form of USG?

The Full Form of USG is “Ultra-Sono-Graphy “.

What does USG mean?

USG means “Ultra-Sono-Graphy “.

What is the USG Meaning in ?

The USG means “Ultra-Sono-Graphy “.

What is the USG Full Form in medical

The USG Full Form is “Ultra-Sono-Graphy“.

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