What is NBFC Full Form, Meaning, And Definition

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The Full Form of NBFC: Non-Banking Financial Company

NBFC stands for Non-Banking Financial Company. NBFC is a company that provides financial services but is not a bank. This can include services such as lending, investment, and insurance.

NBFCs can be important providers of financial services in rural and remote areas where there may be a shortage of banks. They can also be important sources of financing for small businesses.

Differences between an NBFC and a traditional bank?

There are a few key differences between an NBFC and a traditional bank.

  • Firstly, an NBFC is not as heavily regulated as a traditional bank, which can make it a more risky investment.
  • Secondly, an NBFC typically focuses on lending to small businesses and consumers, while a traditional bank focuses on lending to larger businesses.
  • Finally, an NBFC does not have access to the same level of government funding as a traditional bank, which can limit its growth potential.

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