What is FAT Full Form, Meaning, And Definition in computer

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The Full Form of FAT: File Allocation Table

FAT stands for File Allocation Table. The FAT, is a database used to store files on a computer’s hard drive. The database is divided into clusters of bytes, each assigned an initial point on the hard drive. Files are stored bit-by-bit in clusters, beginning with the closest cluster to the root directory.

If a file is larger than a single cluster, it is stored in the next available cluster on the storage extension. The previous cluster keeps track of the next cluster’s location, so this information can be used to locate the complete file.

If the FAT entry on the disk is empty, the disk is available for use by Windows. If there is another number in the FAT entry, the disk is currently in use and cannot be used until that entry is cleared. Older versions of Windows used a 16-number system in FAT, while Windows 98 and later switched to a 32-number system.


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