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The Full Form of ESIC: Employees State Insurance Corporation

ESIC stands for Employees State Insurance Corporation. The ESIC is the government agency responsible for regulating the social insurance program in India. ESIC ensures that all citizens are properly insured and receives financial assistance when needed.

ESIC also oversees the Medical Benefit Council, which is responsible for implementing the health coverage provided by ESIC schemes.

Objective of Esic

The main objective of ESIC is to provide financial assistance to employees who face serious health problems as a result of their work. The Employee State Insurance was established on February 24, 1952, and its headquarters are located in New Delhi.

Both employees and employers contribute to the ESIC program. Currently, employees contribute 0.75% of their salary, while employers contribute 3.75%. Employees who earn more than 21,000 rupees can choose not to contribute.


Other Acronyms, abbreviation and meaning of RCA

ESICEconomic and Social Inclusion Corporation
ESICElectrical System Indication & Control
Aircraft & Aviation
ESICElectronic Sports Information Centre
ESICEmployee State Insurance Commission
ESICEmployee State Insurance Corporation
ESICEmployee’s State Insurance Corporation
ESICEmployees State Insurance Corporation
ESICEmployees’ State Insurance Corporation
ESICEnergy Storage Integration Council
ESICEnergy Systems Innovation Center
ESICEnterprise Social Investment Corporation
ESICEscuela Superior de Gestión Comercial y Marketing
ESICEuropean Service Innovation Centre
ESICEuropean Steel Institutes Confederation
ESICEvolutionary Studies in Imaginative Culture
ESICInstructor (miscellaneous) Chief Petty Officer

Meaning of ESIC Related FAQs

What does ESIC stand for?

ESIC stands for “Employees State Insurance Corporation “.

What is the meaning of ESIC?

The meaning of ESIC is “Employees State Insurance Corporation “.

What is the full form of ESIC?

The Full Form of ESIC is “Employees State Insurance Corporation “.

What does ESIC mean?

ESIC means “Employees State Insurance Corporation “.

What is the ESIC Meaning?

The ESIC means “Employees State Insurance Corporation “.

What is the ESIC Full Form in

ESIC is a term that stands for “Employees State Insurance Corporation“.

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