Education Related Full Forms | Degrees, Courses, Certificates Acronyms & Abbreviations

The most popular line said by Nelson Mandela that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” it shows the importance of education. Education is the purposeful social process going on in society, by which the innate powers of man are developed, his knowledge, and art skills are increased and behavior is changed and thus he is made a civilized, cultured and capable citizen.

Well, in this post we learn “Education Related Full Forms” as well as “Degrees, Courses, Certificates Acronyms & Abbreviations” it is important to all students and teachers.

All Master Degrees Full Forms and Courses, Certificates Acronyms List

M.AMaster of Arts
MSMaster of Surgery
MBAMaster of Business Administration
M.Sc.AgMaster of Science in Agriculture
M.ComMaster of Commerce
MCAMaster of Computer Applications
M.TechMaster of Technology
M.ScMaster of Science
MSCITMaster of Science in Information Technology
M.PhilMaster of Philosophy
M.ChMaster of Chirurgiae
LLMMaster of Laws

All Bachelor Degrees Full Forms and Educational Degrees Acronyms List

BABachelor of Arts
B.EdBachelor of Education
BEBachelor Of Engineering
BDSBachelor of Dental Surgery
BDBachelor of Design
B.ComBachelor of Commerce
BCJBachelor of Communication and Journalism
BCABachelor of Computer Application
BBMBachelor of Business Management
BBABachelor of Business Administration
B.ArchBachelor of Architecture
BAMSBachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery
BASLPBachelor of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
BAMCBachelor of Arts in Mass Communication
BAJMCBachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication
B.PharmaBachelor of Pharmacy
BPTBachelor of Physiotherapy
B.P.EdBachelor of Physical Education
BMSBachelor of Management Studies
BMCBachelor of Mass Communication
BMBachelor of Music
B.LibBachelor of Library Science
BJBachelor of Journalism
BHMSBachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery
BHMCTBachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology
BHMBachelor of hotel Management
B.F.ScBachelor of Fisheries Science
BFABachelor of Fine Arts
B.PhilBachelor of Philosophy
BSBABachelor of Science in Business Administration
BSEBachelor of Software Engineering
BSMBachelors’ in Sports Management
BSWBachelor of Social Work
B.StatBachelor of Statistics
BTSBachelor of Tourism Studies
B.V.ScBachelor of Veterinary Science
B.Vet.TechBachelor of Veterinary Technology
LLBBachelor of Laws
B.TechBachelor of Technology
MBBSBachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
B.ScBachelor of Science
B.Sc.AgBachelor of Science in Agriculture

All Certificates Full Form and Degrees, Courses, Certificates Abbreviations List

RHCERed Hat Certified Engineer
SCSASun Certified System Administrator
CCIPCertificate Course in Intellectual Property
CFSCertificate in Food Safety
CELTACertificate in English Language Teaching to Adults
HMCTCertificate Course in Hotel Management and Catering Technology
BTCBasic Training Certificate
PGPBFSPost Graduate Certificate Program in Banking and Financial Services
COFCertificate Course in Organic Farming
C.P.EdCertificate in Physical Education
CFAChartered Financial Analyst
MCSAMicrosoft Certified Systems Administrator
CCNACisco Certified Network Administration
CDMCertificate in Disaster Management
ACPDMAdvanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management
RS-CITRajasthan State Certificate in Information Technology
PGCBMPost Graduate Certificate Program in Business Management
MCSEMicrosoft Certified Systems Engineer
BSTCBasic School Training

All Diplomas Degrees, Courses, Certificates Full Form List

DAHDiploma in Animal Husbandry
DAFMDiploma in Animation Film Making
DAEDiploma in Automobile Engineering
DAEDiploma in Architecture Engineering
DACDiploma in Art and Craft
DACDiploma in Advanced Computing
ADBAdvance Diploma in Bioinformatics
ADCAAdvance Diploma in Computer Application
ADCHNAdvance Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking
ADITAdvance Diploma in Information Technology
ADSDAdvance Diploma in Software Development
APGDCAAdvance Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application
DADiploma in Acting
DADiploma in Automation
DADiploma in Anesthesiology
DADiploma in Agriculture
DBJCCDiploma in Business Journalism and Corporate Communication
DBIDiploma in Banking and Insurance
DBEDiploma in Biomedical Engineering
DBCDiploma in Beauty Culture
DAPRDiploma in Advertising and Public Relations
DAMDiploma in Aviation Management
DAMDiploma in Apparel Merchandising
DAMDiploma in Agribusiness Management
DAHTMDiploma in Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management
DCDiploma in Counseling
DBLDiploma in Business Law
DBMDiploma in Business Management
DCADiploma in Commercial Art
DCADiploma in Computer Accounting
DCHDiploma in Child Health
DCHNDiploma in Computer Hardware and Networking
DCMDiploma in Computer Management
DCMDiploma in Commodities Market
DCPDiploma in Child Psychology
DCPDiploma in Commercial Practice
DCPDiploma in Counseling Psychology
DCTDiploma in Cement Technology
DCSDiploma in Cyber Security
DCSTDiploma in Computer Science and Technology
DCSEDiploma in Computer Science and Engineering
DCTDiploma in Ceramic Technology
DCTDiploma in Computer Technology
DCWEDiploma in Creative Writing in English
DCWHDiploma in Creative Writing in Hindi
DDEDiploma in Digital Electronics
DDANDiploma in Dietetics and Nutrition
DDPDiploma in Drawing and Painting
DDNDiploma in Dietetics and Nutrition
DDMDiploma in Dental Mechanics
DDTDiploma in Dairy Technology
DEEDiploma in Environmental Engineering
DEEEDiploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
DFPDiploma in Food Production
DFPDiploma in Food Processing
DFNDiploma in Food and Nutrition
DFMDiploma in Forensic Medicine
DFEDiploma in Fashion Technology
DFEDiploma in Fire Engineering
DFEDiploma Film Editing
DFDDiploma in Fashion Design
DFDiploma in French
D.EdDiploma in Education
DEMDiploma in Export Management
DEMDiploma in Energy Management
DEIMDiploma in Export and Import Management
DEHMDiploma in Electro Homeopathy Medicine
DFSMDiploma in Fire and Safety Management
DFSEDiploma in Fire Safety Engineering
DFTDiploma in Fashion Technology
DFTDiploma in Food Technology
DFTDiploma in Foundry Technology
DFTDiploma in Footwear Technology
DFTMDiploma in Foreign Trade Management
DHRDiploma in Human Rights
DHMCTDiploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology
DHMDiploma in Hospital Management
DHMDiploma in Herbal Medicine
DHLSDiploma in Hearing Language and Speech
DHCMDiploma in Hotel and Catering Management
DHADiploma in Hospital Administration
DHADiploma in Health Assistant
DHADiploma in Health Administration
DHDiploma in Hindi
DGDDiploma in Graphic Design
DIADiploma in Astrology
DIEDiploma in Industrial Electronics
DIEDiploma in Instrumentation Engineering
DIHDiploma in Industrial Health
DIMDiploma in Investment Management
DIPLDiploma in Intellectual Property Law
DIRMDiploma in Insurance and Risk Management
DIRPMDiploma in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management
DITDiploma in Information Technology
DJDDiploma in Jewellery Design
DMRTDiploma in Medical Record Technology
DMRDiploma in Mobile Repairing
DMOMDiploma in Modern Office Management
DMMDiploma in Materials Management
DMMDiploma in Mass Media
DMMDiploma in Marketing Management
DMLTDiploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
DMJDiploma in Medical Jurisprudence
DMITDiploma in Imaging Technology
DMEDiploma in Mining Engineering
DMEDiploma in Metallurgical Engineering
DMEDiploma in Medical Electronics
DMCDiploma in Mass Communication
DMDiploma in Music
DLLLWDiploma in Labour Laws and Labour Welfare
DLISDiploma in Library and Information Science
DLDiploma in Linguistics
DXTDiploma in X-ray Technology
DWTDiploma in Welding Technology
DWMDiploma in Watershed Management
DWDDiploma in Web Designing
DVPDiploma in Veterinary Pharmacy
DVMDiploma in Visual Merchandising
DVEDiploma in Video Editing
DUDiploma in Urdu
DTTDiploma in Textile Technology
DTSDiploma in Tourism Studies
DTSDiploma in Tally Software
DTEDiploma in Telecommunication Engineering
DTLPDiploma in Taxation Laws and Practice
DTDiploma in Tamil
DTDDiploma in Textile Design
DSTDiploma in Sugar Technology
DSPDiploma in Secretarial Practice
DSMMDiploma in Sales and Marketing Management
DSEDiploma in Software Engineering
DSDiploma in Sanskrit
DRTDiploma in Rubber Technology
DRTDiploma in Radiological Technology
DRDDiploma in Rural Development
DRDiploma in Robotics
D.PhilDiploma in Philosophy
DPTDiploma in Plastics Technology
DPTDiploma in Physiotherapy
DPTDiploma in Physical Therapy
DPNDiploma in Psychiatric Nursing
DPMDiploma in Pharmaceutical Management
DPEDiploma in Production Engineering
DPEDiploma in Physical Education
DPEDiploma in Petrochemical Engineering
DPADiploma in Police Administration
DPDiploma in Panchkarma
D.OrthoDiploma in Orthopedics
DOTTDiploma in Operation Theater Techniques
DOTDiploma in Occupational Therapy
DOMDiploma in Office Management
DOADiploma in Ophthalmic Assistant
DNADiploma in Nursing Administration
DNSDiploma in Nautical Science
DMTDiploma in Medical Technology
DNDiploma in Numerology
IDHMInternational Diploma in Hotel Management
ETTDiploma in Elementary Teacher Training
GNMDiploma in General Nursing and Midwifery
PGDAPost Graduate Diploma in Acupuncture
PGDAPost Graduate Diploma in Advertising
PGDAPost Graduate Diploma in Archeology
NTTDiploma in Nursery Teacher Training
PGDACPost Graduate Diploma in Analytical Chemistry
PGDASPost Graduate Diploma in Accounting Software
PGDASPost Graduate Diploma in Actuarial Science
PGDBFPost Graduate Diploma in Business Finance
PGDBIPost Graduate Diploma in Bioinformatics
PGDBLPost Graduate Diploma in Business Law
PGDBMPost Graduate Diploma in Bank Management
PGDCAPost Graduate Diploma in Computer Application
PGDCCAPost Graduate Diploma in Computer Commercial Application
PGDCDMPost Graduate Diploma in Clinical Data Management
PGDCLPost Graduate Diploma in Corporate Law
PGDCLPost Graduate Diploma in Cyber Law
PGDCMPost Graduate Diploma in Construction Management
PGDCPPost Graduate Diploma in Clinical Pathology
PGDCPPost Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology
PGDCPPost Graduate Diploma in Counseling Psychology
PGDCRPost Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research
PGDDPost Graduate Diploma in Dietetics
PGDCSPost Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security
PGDDEPost Graduate Diploma in Distance Education
PGDDMPost Graduate Diploma in Disaster Management
PGDEPost Graduate Diploma in English
PGDEPost Graduate Diploma in Economics
PGDEPost Graduate Diploma in Instrumentation
PGDESPost Graduate Diploma in Embedded Systems
PGDESDPost Graduate Diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development
PGDEMPost Graduate Diploma in Event Management
PGDEMPost Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management
PGDELPost Graduate Diploma in Environmental Law
PGDETPost Graduate Diploma in Educational Technology
P.G.D.Ed.MPost Graduate Diploma in Education Management
PGDFDPost Graduate Diploma in Fashion Designing
PGDFMPost Graduate Diploma in Financial Management
PGDFPPost Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning
PGDFSQMPost Graduate Diploma in Food Safety and Quality Management
PGDGCPost Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counseling
PGDGIPost Graduate Diploma in Geo-Informatics
PGDGMPost Graduate Diploma in Geriatric Medicine
PGDGOPost Graduate Diploma in Gynecology and Obstetrics
PGDHEPost Graduate Diploma in Higher Education
PGDHHMPost Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Management
PGDHMPost Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management
PGDHRMPost Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management
PGDHSEPost Graduate Diploma in Health Safety and Environment
PGDIBPost Graduate Diploma in International Business
PGDIDPost Graduate Diploma in Instructional Design
PGDIFAPost Graduate Diploma in Investment and Financial Analysis
PGDIMPost Graduate Diploma in Insurance Management
PGDIPRLPost Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights Law
PGDIPRPost Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights
PGDISPost Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety
PGDISPost Graduate Diploma in Information Security
PGDITPost Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
PGDJPost Graduate Diploma in Journalism
PGDLANPost Graduate Diploma in Library Automation and Networking
PGDMPost Graduate Diploma in Management
PGDMPost Graduate Diploma in Microbiology
PGDMBAPost Graduate Diploma in Management and Business Administration
PGDMMPost Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management
PGDMLSPost Graduate Diploma in Medico Legal Systems
PGDMLEPost Graduate Diploma in Medical Law and Ethics
PGDPAPost Graduate Diploma in Public Administration
PGDPAPost Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting
PGDPPost Graduate Diploma in Photography
PGDPPost Graduate Diploma in Pharmacovigilance
PGDNPost Graduate Diploma in Nanotechnology
PGDPMPost Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management
PGDPMPost Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management
PGDPRPost Graduate Diploma in Public Relation
PGDRDPost Graduate Diploma in Rural Development
PGDRDMPost Graduate Diploma in Rural Development and Management
PGDREPost Graduate Diploma in Renewable Energy
PGDRMPost Graduate Diploma in Retail Management
PGDRMPost Graduate Diploma in Rural Management
PGDRPPost Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Psychology
PGDSEPost Graduate Diploma in Special Education
PGDSLMPost Graduate Diploma in School Leadership and Management
PGDSWPost Graduate Diploma in Social Work
PGDTPost Graduate Diploma in Taxation
PGDTPost Graduate Diploma in Translation
PGDTPost Graduate Diploma in Tourism
PGDTPPost Graduate Diploma in Taxation Practice
PGDTLPost Graduate Diploma in Taxation Law
PGDTPPEPost Graduate Diploma in Thermal Power Plant Engineering
PGDTRMPost Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Research in Management
PGDTTMPost Graduate Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management
PGDWDPost Graduate Diploma in Web Designing
PGDYPost Graduate Diploma in Yoga
PGPThe Post Graduate Program
PGPBMPost Graduate Program in Business Management
PGPEMPost Graduate Program in Enterprise Management
PGPABMPost Graduate Program for Agri-Business Management
P.G.P.ExPost Graduate Program for Executives
PGPFMBPost Graduate Program in Family Managed Business
PGPPMPost Graduate Program in Public Policy and Management
PGPSMPost Graduate Program in Securities Markets
PGPWEPost Graduate Program for Working Executive
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