What is DOJ Meaning, Full Form, And Definition

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The Full Form of DOJ: Department Of Justice

DOJ stands for Department Of Justice. It is a government department responsible for controlling judicial procedures, legal matters, and legal determinations. DOJ implements departmental plans and policies to administer legal administration, judicial resolution, and security matters at the government level.

This department works to preserve the constitutional system and preserves the legal relationship between the federal and state governments. The DOJ is responsible for prosecuting criminals and ensuring investigations, management of court cases, and judicial processes against crimes. The DOJ serves as the builder and protector of a judicial system and upholds the values ​​and principles of universal justice.

The Full Form of DOJ in Job: Date Of Joining

DOJ stands for Date Of Joining in the context of the job. DOJ (Date Of Joining) stands for “Entry Date” or “Date of Joining the Job”. When a person is selected for a job in an organization, the date of their entry is recorded as DOJ.

Through this date, both the organization and the employee are informed to complete the job-related processes on time and initiate the employee into their job. It is important administrative information that helps in determining the structure of the organization, work procedures, salary, and payments.


Other Acronyms, and Meanings of DOJ

DOJDate Of JoiningBusiness
DOJDawn of JusticeScience Fiction
DOJDay of JobMiscellaneous
DOJDay of JudgementMiscellaneous
DOJDecree Of JusticeLaw & Legal
DOJDefender Of JusticeLaw & Legal
DOJDefenders Of JusticeScience Fiction
DOJDenier Of JusticeGovernmental
DOJDepartment of JackbootsMiscellaneous
DOJDepartment of JokesMiscellaneous
DOJDepartment Of JustMiscellaneous
DOJDepartment Of JusticeGovernmental
DOJDepartment Of JustuceMiscellaneous
DOJDeranged Overbearing JackaMiscellaneous
DOJDermatology Online JournalJournals
DOJDisciples Of JesusReligion
DOJDoing Our JobLaw & Legal
DOJDouble Offset JointMiscellaneous
DOJDrops Of JupiterScience Fiction

Related FAQs

  1. What is the meaning of DOJ in salary slip?

    The meaning of DOJ is “Department Of Justice ” in salary slip.

  2. What does DOJ stands for

    DOJ stands for “Department Of Justice “.

  3. What is the full form of DOJ in medical ?

    The Full Form of DOJ is “Dermatology Online Journal ” in the terms of medical

  4. What does DOJ mean?

    DOJ means “Department Of Justice “.

  5. What is the DOJ Meaning?

    The DOJ means “Department Of Justice “.

  6. What is the DOJ Full Form in job

    The DOJ Full Form is “Date Of Joining” in the terms of job.

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