The Full Form of CGT Meaning, and Definition 

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Full Form of CGT: Capital Gains Tax

CGT Stands for Capital Gains Tax. Capital gains taxes are taxes imposed on the profits realized when the owner of a capital asset such as a share, investment gains, real estate, gold, equities, mutual funds, bond, or other financial and non-financial assets.

Capital gains tax is imposed on profits from the sale of capital assets. It is generally found that the selling price of such properties is higher than their purchase price.

The seller gains capital gains by selling the property. In such cases, capital gains have to be taxed and this tax is known as Capital Gains Tax.

Types of Capital Gains

The capital gain tax levied on a profit from the sale of capital is also applied differently to different kinds of capital. Thus Capital Gains are divided into two categories.

  • Short-term capital gains tax: If you sell a property keeping it with you for less than 3 years, then the profit from it is counted in the short-term capital gain. The tax on this is called Short Term Capital Gains Tax.
  • long term capital gains tax: If you sell a property by keeping it with you for at least 3 years, then the profit from it is counted in Long Term Capital Gain. This is called Long Term Capital Gain Tax.

How Save Capital Gains Tax?

By indexing, you can reduce your capital gains tax liability. By indexing your property, you can determine how much it was worth in the past. In this case, the profit will be less when you subtract it from the sales price. In such a situation, capital gains tax will also automatically be reduced.

Invest in Capital Gains Bonds

Investing the profit earned from the sale of your property in a Capital Gains Bond can save you tax. There is no tax on the amount invested in these bonds.

Buy New Residential Property

If you sell your old residential property, you can save capital gains tax on your new home purchase. According to Section 54 of the Income Tax Act, when a new residential property is purchased after the old residential property is transferred, it is not intended to earn money. You must also wait three years before selling the new property in such cases. The tax exemption under section 54 will not be available if you do not comply with this requirement.

Deposit in Capital Gains Account Scheme

Capital Gains can be tax-exempt if you deposit them in a Capital Gains Account at the bank. Investors who missed out on investing in a new property before filing their income tax returns can take advantage of this scheme.

Capital loss can be adjusted against

If you sold a property for a profit and lost on the sale of any other property, you can reduce your capital gains tax. Once capital gains in one property are subtracted from capital losses in another property, tax will be due on the amount left.


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CGTComputer Graphics Technology
CGTComputer Generated Translation
CGTCompetitive Generic Therapy
CGTCode Generation Template
CGTCancer Gene Therapy
CGTCapital gains taxes
CGTCapital Gains Tax
CGTContinuous Group Training
Business microfinance