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The Full Form of BKC: Bandra Kurla Complex

BKC stands for Bandra Kurla Complex. BKC is the first Apple store to open in India, this Apple store opening in Mumbai has been inaugurated by Apple CEO Tim Cook. Along with this, Apple’s second store has opened in Delhi. With access from Bandra Kurla Complex ( BKC ) Road, the nearest railway station is Bandra and bus stop is Maker Maxity. Apart from Apple iPhone, there will be accessories like Mac, AirPods, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch and AirTag.

More than two lakh people have got new jobs in BKC, which has helped to free up space in the CBD (Central Business District) in South Mumbai. The authority responsible for this area has done a great job, and includes several important institutions such as the Reserve Bank of India, Income Tax, Sales Tax, Provident Fund and others.


Other Acronyms, and meaning of BKC

BKCBarcelona Knowledge CampusAcademic & Science
BKCBandra Kurla ComplexMiscellaneous
BKCBottle Kitchen And CocktailMiscellaneous
BKCBethel Korean ChurchCommunity
BKCBiodefense Knowledge CenterMiscellaneous
BKCBernard Kelvin CliveMiscellaneous
BKCBurger King CorporationBusiness
BKCBerkshire Kripalu CommunityCommunity
BKCBernard Krief ConsultantsMiscellaneous
BKCBabione Kuehler CompanyBusiness
BKCBottle Kitchen CupMiscellaneous
BKCBetter Kid CareMiscellaneous
BKCBottle Kitchen And CupMiscellaneous
BKCAmerican Bank Of Waterbury ConnecticutBusiness
BKCBiwako Kusatsu CampusAcademic & Science
BKCBlitz Krieg CommanderMiscellaneous
BKCBandung Karate ClubSports
BKCBible Knowledge CommentaryCommunity

What does BKC stand for?

BKC stands for “Bandra Kurla Complex “.

What is the meaning of BKC?

The meaning of BKC is “Bandra Kurla Complex “.

What is the full form of BKC in Apple?

The Full Form of BKC is “Bandra Kurla Complex ” in the terms of apple.

What does BKC mean in pharmacy?

BKC means “Benzalkonium Chloride” in the context of Pharmacy.

What is the BKC Meaning in medical?

The BKC means “Benzalkonium Chloride ” in the terms of Medical.

What is the BKC Full Form in chatting and texting

BKC is stands for “Between Keyboard and Chair” in the terms of Chatting and Texting.

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