What is AI Full-Form, Meaning, And Definition

On this page, We are going to learn about the full form of AI and the meaning of AI, As well as the meaning, definition, abbreviation, and acronym for AI in different categories. So you should read this post till the end.

The Full Form of AI: Artificial intelligence

AI Stands for Artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a computer program that is able to think, understand and make decisions like humans. such as problem-solving, learning, and self-improvement.

In short, When a computer or machine is designed to behave like human intelligence, it is called artificial intelligence. It is a branch of computer science. where Machines are made intelligent. this A.I. performed different types of tasks

Who invented artificial intelligence?

the first time talks about Artificial Intelligence by John McCarthy. That is why John McCarthy is known as the Father of Artificial Intelligence.

In 1956 John McCarthy was an American computer scientist and researcher. he attended a workshop at Dartmouth College where he gave detailed information about Artificial Intelligence.

According to John McCarthy, Artificial Intelligence is a subject of computer science technology. Intelligence can be developed in machines. Such Robots and Computer Programs can be made. Which works on the principle of the human brain.

Types of AI (Artificial intelligence)

mainly, There are three types of artificial intelligence, Weak AI, Strong AI, and Super AI.

  • Weak AI

This type of AI is also called narrow AI, these AI systems can only perform particular tasks. Weak AI is better than humans in some tasks,

Some examples are Google maps, Smartwatch, Traffic light sensors, speech recognition, Virtual assistants, Smart sensor of smartphones, Self-driving cars., Google Search, Industries and Factory robots, facial recognition, etc.

  • Strong AI

Strong AI has not been developed yet. It is currently not present in any computer system in the world. Scientists predict that in the coming times, Strong Artificial Intelligence will be able to think, understand, learn and do many things simultaneously like a human. Strong AI will be able to upgrade and develop itself.

  • Super AI

Artificial superintelligence has so far been conceived only in science fiction. Developers and programmers believe that Super AI will be many times more powerful than humans. It will also be able to make its own decisions. As a result, it can also be dangerous for humans.

What is AI used for?

Today many companies related to gaming, medical science, and industry are investing in machine learning. Many Industry Analysis believe that Machine Learning, AI, and Robots are our future. Let’s know what is the use of AI

  • Use of AI in smartphones and Smart tv – personal google assistant, Alexa device, and Cortana of windows is also a great example of artificial intelligence.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – Disease diagnosis is using AI for electronic health records. Health assistants have also been made for common diseases.
  • AI used for finance – The company used to need a lot of money and time for data analysis, and the same can now calculate the data related to AI finance very easily.
  • AI in Driverless car – AI is being used for self-driving in the field of automobiles, whereby AI has been programmed to drive vehicles on the roads in such a way that its system detects the destination by its intelligence. Will reach the passenger there.
  • Use AI in business – Today, online businesses are growing day by day, and E-commerce websites track customers’ data to sell more products to their customers well, data tracking and product suggest feature is possible with AI.
  • AI used for Gaming – AI is also being used in video games, apart from this AI is used in speech recognition, computer vision, robotics finance, weather forecast, the health industry, data science analysis.