30+ YouTube Keyboard Shortcut Keys everyone should know

Youtube is one of the most popular videos streaming sites on the internet, whenever, we stream video need to hold the mouse to control the youtube player, but, youtube provided shortcut keys for playback, Subtitles and Captions Shortcuts, and Spherical Videos Shortcuts key that save users time and efforts.

Until now, you must have played YouTube on your computer with a mouse. In this tutorial, we will learn about YouTube keyboard shortcuts so that you may utilize them more effectively

Youtube Playback Shortcuts keys

Tab + Shift + EnterKeyboard shortcut to close the ads on YouTube
KTo play or pause Youtube Video
JRewind 10 seconds
LFast forward 10 seconds
FToggle fullscreen
TToggle theater mode
IToggle mini player
EscapeTo Close mini player or current dialog
MToggle Mute
Shift + P or Pprevious video
Shift + N or NNext video
,The previous frame(while paused)
.Next frame(while paused)
Shift + , or <Decrease playback rate
Shift + . or <Increase playback rate
0…9Seek to a specific point in the video

Youtube Subtitles and Captions Shortcuts

CIf the video supports captions, toggle captions ON/OFF
ORotate through different text opacity levels
WRotate through different window opacity levels
+Rotate through font sizes(increasing)
Rotate through font sizes (decreasing)

Youtube Spherical Videos Shortcuts key

WPan up
APan left
SPan down
DPan right
+ on Numpad or ]Zoom in
– on Numpad or [Zoom out

These youtube Shortcut Keys save our time and our work also gets done quickly. Hope you have liked this information on Youtube keyboard shortcut keys. I will continue to bring such information to you in the future also.