The Full Form of WWW Meaning, and Definition 

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The Full Form of www: World Wide Web

www Stands for World Wide Web. the www is a global system of interconnected computer networks where hypertext files and web pages are linked to each other. Where billions of hypertext text documents are stored on different servers and computers. Which are accessed through a web browser.

WWW is a collection of web pages, web servers, URLs, HYPERLINKS, and HTTP. that use the standard web protocol (HTTP) to link millions of computers and other devices together.

in short, The World Wide Web (WWW) is the system of websites, Internet documents, and other electronic resources that are accessible via the Internet.

The Full Form of WWW Meaning, and Definition 
The Full Form of WWW Meaning, and Definition 

The first website was created in 1991 and at that time The first web was the Internet, which was a network of computers that were linked together using TCP/IP since then the World Wide Web has become an essential part of everyday life. For example, when you look up a video on YouTube, the video is usually streamed through the web.

Functions of the World Wide Web

World Wide Web, allow internet users can browse the internet, access websites, and download files without needing to install additional software.

The world wide web is made up of billions of web pages, which link to each other to form a network of information that is constantly growing and changing.

How does the World Wide Web (WWW) work

The World Wide Web is the collection of millions of websites and webpages that are accessible from computers with web browsers. It’s a collection of computers.

Each of the computers is connected to the others through the internet and each of which contains a web browser. The web is a collection of millions of web pages, each of which is a website. There are web pages on websites on the web.

Computer networks are distributed systems, meaning that they are made up of individual computers and networks that are connected together using a system of data that enables the computers to communicate with one another.

Each network is a small part of the whole, which means that the information stored on one computer system is accessible from every other system connected to the internet.

  1. #Step 1 – URL Gets Resolved.
  2. #Step 2 – Request Is Sent.
  3. #Step 3 – Response Is Parsed.
  4. #Step 4 – Page Is Displayed.

Features of the World Wide Web

  • Hypertext Information System:- The document of a web page consists of various components such as text, graphics, objects, and sound, all these components are interconnected with each other. Hypertext is used to connect these components together.
  • Distributed:- Websites are related to each other in www. The user can connect to another website by opening a website, this system is called Distributed System.
  • cross-platform:- cross-platform means that a web page or website can work on any computer hardware or operating system.
  • Graphical Interface:- At present all websites include video, sound, etc. in addition to text. You can easily view the information or link it to the web page with the Hyperlink facility. Menus, commands, buttons, etc. are used in a dynamic website, which makes it easy to work.

There are some of the most commonly used acronyms, abbreviations, full forms, and the WWW meaning are listed in different categories below the table.

TermsFull Forms
WWWWorld Weather Watch
Ocean Science
WWWWorld Wide Web
WWWWhen, Where, Why
WWWWe Won’t Work
WWWWould We Worry?
WWWWhere Were We?
WWWWhile We Wait
WWWWhy We Wait?
WWWWe Will Win
WWWWorld Wide War
WWWWho? What? Where?
WWWWho, What, Where
WWWWorld Wild Web
WWWWin Win Win
WWWWorld Wide Wrestling
WWWWhat Women Wear
WWWWait Wait Wait
Full Form of WWW