What is FOSS Full Form, FOSS Meaning & Definition

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What is FOSS Full Form?

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The Full Form of FOSS is Free and Open-Source Software. it allows any user, programmer, or developer to Edit, modify, or reuse the software’s source code. generally, Open-Source Software does not have constraints on copyrights & it is Free to use and no cost has to pay for it.

Open-source software is called software whose source code is not owned by anyone, its source code is viewable and changeable, its code can be modified by any user or developer, and commercially or Can be brought for personal use.

Actually, source code is the main structure data of any software, which is created by any software developers, and the source code which is only accessible to the developers is called closed source software, and the source code is user access. Can read and modify, it is called open-source software. List of some open-source software –

  • Bit Torrent
  • Android
  • WordPress
  • Blender
  • jQuery
  • Linux
  • MySQL
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Tor Browser
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Ubuntu

As FOSS is an acronym so it has many full forms in different categories. Finally, the Most Using FOSS Full Forms Are. FOSS has many Full-Forms listed in different categories below the table. Let’s Learn the FOSS Full Form in English.


AcronymsFull Forms of FOSS
FOSSFree and Open Source Software
FOSSFuture of Space Science
FOSSFaculty of Social Science
FOSSFree / Open-Source Software
FOSSFull Option Science System
FOSSField Operations Support System
FOSSFiber-Optic Sensor System
FOSSField Operating Site Setup
FOSSForum of Small States (UN)
FOSSFollow-On System Stock
FOSSFaculty Online Support Service
FOSSFiber Optics Sonar System
FOSSFamily Of System Study
FOSSFederal Intelligence Security Service

FAQs About FOSS Meaning

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In the above article, you have learned all the Full Forms of FOSS. Now we are going to discuss some FAQs that are frequently asked on the internet.

  1. What is FOSS Meaning?

    This post is all about FOSS meaning and acronyms. The Definition and explanation of FOSS are given above so check out the related information above section.

  2. What does FOSS stand for?

    FOSS stands for Free and Open-Source Software. But there may be more than one meaning of FOSS, so check out all meanings of FOSS in the Above post section.

  3. What does FOSS mean?

    FOSS means Free and Open-Source Software. you can read more about FOSS check out related information.

  4. What is the meaning of FOSS?

    The meaning of the FOSS is also provided earlier. to know more about it so check out the related information above section.

  5. Full Name of FOSS?

    if you read this post till the end then you know the Full Name of FOSS is Free and Open-Source Software.