What is DSN Full Form & DSN Meaning

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What is DSN Full Form?

DSN : Data Source Name

The Full Form of DSN is Data Source Name. But we have a question what is DSN Meaning? Data Source Name (DSN) is the logical name as well as it is a data structure also that contains information about a specific database. it is also known as the database source name

There are three kinds of DSN-

  • User data source name
  • System data source name
  • File data source name
DSN : Deep Space Network

The DSN Full Form In networking is Deep Space Network. Deep Space Network (DSN) is a worldwide network of NASA spacecraft communication, that consist of a large parabolic antenna, located at stations in California, Spain, and Australia. that helps to receive images from spacecraft.

DSN : Defense Switched Network

The DSN Full Form In Military is Defense Switched Network. The Defense Switched Network is a primary information transfer network for the Defense Information Systems Network of the United States Department of Defense. source: Wikipedia

As DSN is an acronym so it has many full forms in different categories. Finally, the Most Using DSN Full Forms Are. DSN has many Full-Forms listed in different categories below the table. Let’s Learn the DSN Full Form in English.

DSNData Set NameComputing
DSNdata source nameGovernment
DSNDatabase Server NameComputer Database
DSNDatabase Source NameInformation Technology
DSNDeep Space NetworkNASA
DSNDefault Server NameComputer Networking
DSNDefense Secure NetworkGovernment
DSNDefense Subscriber NetworkMilitary
DSNDefense Switched NetworkMilitary
DSNDelivery Status NotificationComputer and Networking
DSNDesign (Object System Designer)File Extension
DSNDiabetes Specialist NurseJob Title
DSNdigital services networkGovernment
DSNDirect Service NetworkComputer Networking
DSNDiscovery Suite (applecroft Nh)Medical
DSNDisposition Service NotificationComputer and Networking
DSNDistributed Systems NetworkComputing
DSNDoctor of Science in NursingAcademic Degree
DSNDomain Server NameComputing
DSNObject System Designer Design FileFile Type
DSNODBC data sourceFile Extension
DSNOrdosAirport Code

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