What is BCC Full Form And Meaning in Email

On this page, We are going to learn about the full form of BCC and the meaning of BCC in email, As well as the meaning, definition, abbreviation, and acronym for BCC in different categories. So you should read this post till the end.

The Full Form of BCC: Blind Carbon Copy

BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy. A Blind Carbon Copy, or bcc, is an email send option that is used to send a copy of an email to someone without the other email recipients knowing. The bcc option is typically used when sending emails to a large group of people, such as a mailing list.

what is cc and bcc in email
what is cc and bcc in email

What is the benefit of BCC?

When you use the bcc option, the email addresses of the other recipients are not visible to anyone else. This can be useful if you do not want the other recipients to know who else you are emailing. To use the bcc option, simply add the email addresses you want to bcc in the bcc field of your email.

In short, BCC is a feature of email, which is used to keep the email list secret before sending the email. By using BCC in email, no one knows to whom the copy of the email has been sent.

Difference between CC and BCC in email?

DifferenceCC in E-mailBCC In Email
AcronymCC Stands for carbon copy in the mailBCC means Blind Carbon copy
UseCC gives us this facility, that we can send our one email to many people at once.When you want to send an email to many people at once, and you do not want this, you want to hide the information of each person who receives the email, that is, to protect their identity. So you can use BCC.
privacyIn CC, the list keeps track of the reply.The reply is not known to each other in BCC List.
PurposeYou can send the same email to many at the same time.The same email can be sent simultaneously without revealing the identity of any email recipient.
Advantagesit can Save you time.The identity of the recipient of the message can be kept confidential.