The Full Form of ASP Meaning, and Definition 

On this page, We are going to learn about the full form of ASP and the meaning of ASP, As well as what ASP stands for, the abbreviation, and the acronym for ASP, So you should read this post till the end.

The Full Form of ASP: Active Server Page

ASP stands for Active Server Page. ASP is used as a Server-Side Script for Web Developing. Active Server Pages (ASP) is a server-side scripting language, developed by Microsoft. With its help, programmers can create Dynamic Websites. Now let’s get to other general information about it.

ASP helps programmers a lot in creating dynamic websites. For your information, let us tell you that ASP is a Microsoft technology, and its job is to interact between the Internet and Web Pages.

ASP is an HTML page that contains one or more scripts, it is simply an extension of the HTML language, which is executed on the server-side. Client-Browser is not used in ASP, and all the work is done on the server itself.

There are some of the most commonly used acronyms, abbreviations, full forms, and the ASP meaning are listed in different categories below the table.

AcronymsFull Form of ASP
ASPApplication Service Provider
ASPActive Server Pages
ASPArray Sonic Processing Report
ASPAverage Selling Price
ASPAlkaline Surfactant Polymer
ASPAirspace Systems Program
ASPArrival Sequencing Program
ASPAssistant Superintendent of Police
ASPAstronomical Society of the Pacific
ASPAverage Sales Price
ASPAir Stores Park
ASPAnswer Set Programming
AspAspartic acid
ASPAssociate Safety Professional
ASPAssociation of Shareware Professionals
ASPAuthorized Service Provider
ASPAccident Sequence Precursor
AspAnalog Signal Processing
Full Form of ASP