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VIVO Full Form: Video In Video Out

VIVO Means Video In Video Out. VIVO is a term that’s used to describe a special feature on some electronic devices, like computers and graphics cards. Imagine you have a computer or a device with a screen, like a TV, and you want to connect another device to it, like a gaming console or a DVD player.

VIVO is like a special door that lets you send both videos (the picture) from the new device into your main device’s screen and also lets you send video out from your main device to another screen if you want to show what’s on your main device on a different screen.

So, in simple terms, Video In Video Out (VIVO) is like a way for devices to share and show each other’s videos on their screens. It’s like a connection that helps different devices work together to show pictures and videos.


Related FAQs

What is the meaning of VIVO?

The meaning of VIVO is “Video In Video Out “.

What is the full form of VIVO?

The Full Form of VIVO is “Video In Video Out “.

What does VIVO mean?

VIVO means “Video In Video Out “.

What is the VIVO Meaning?

The VIVO means “Video In Video Out “.

What is the VIVO Full-Form in device

The VIVO Full Form is “Video In Video Out” in terms of gadget.

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