The Full Form of TBTF Meaning, and Definition 

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The Full Form of TBTF: Too Big To Fail

TBTF Stands for Too Big To Fail. The term TBTF refers to businesses whose failure could cause a worldwide financial crisis and which have a significant economic impact on the global economy.

When a market or sector collapses, governments are called upon to save such interconnected institutions due to their crucial role in maintaining the financial system’s stability.

Lehman Brothers, during the global financial crisis of 2007-2008, is the most recent example of TBTF. There are a number of examples of TBTF banks, including

  • Bank of America Corporation
  • Citigroup Inc.
  • The Bank of New York Mellon Corp.
  • Bank of New York Mellon Corporation
  • Barclays PLC
  • Wells Fargo & Co.
  • The Goldman Sachs Group Inc.
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • State Street Corp.
  • Morgan Stanley
what is the meaning of TBTF
what is the meaning of TBTF

A number of other companies were identified as “too big to fail” and were in need of government intervention, including:

  • GMAC—now Ally Financial (financial services company)
  • Fannie Mae (government-sponsored enterprise (GSE))
  • Freddie Mac (GSE)
  • Chrysler (auto company)
  • General Motors (auto company)
  • AIG (insurance company)