All Shortcut Keys for Tally ERP 9 List pdf download

Tally is the most used accounting software to manage the financial operation of any business and firm. There are many types of functions in this accounting software. Which we do manually with the help of a mouse.

But Tally ERP Shortcut Keys will make your financial accounting operation very easy. you should use These frequently used shortcut keys for tally. these are many types of shortcuts in Tally so, in this post, we will know about Tally ERP Shortcut Keys List pdf.

List of Basic F1 to F12 Tally Shortcut Keys

Tally has shortcuts for almost all functions. By using all these A to Z keyboard shortcut keys you can use Tally Software without using the mouse, so, all tally keyboard shortcuts help to you faster data entry, easy navigation, easy report viewing, easy printing, and export-import of data

The use of Tally Function Keys in tally software is very special, by using Function Keys in Tally, we can very easily do many things related to Company, Inventory, and Accounts options from the keyboard itself. Below is told about Tally Shortcut Keys F1 to F12. so let’s know about it.

  • F1 Function Key

To select the company, select Inventory and Accounts options

  • F2 Function Key

To change the date of the voucher and change the menu period eg – 1-4-21 to 1-5-19

  • F3 Function Key

To select the menu period of your company

  • F4 Function Key

To choose Contra Voucher

  • F5 Function Key

To generate the payment voucher i.e. to select the payment voucher

  • F6 Function Key

To create and select Receipt Voucher

  • F7 Function Key

To select a Journal Voucher or to become a Journal Voucher

  • F8 Function Key

To generate a Sale Voucher or a Sale Invoice

  • F9 Function Key

To create or select a Purchase Voucher

  • F10 Function Key

To enter Reversing Journal Voucher or navigate between Accounts report or
to select Memorandum voucher.

  • F11 Function Key

To select the feature and function related to Voucher

  • F12 Function Key

To see Configuration Screen Setting and select Configure Screen

Tally ERP 9 Shortcut key used with “Ctrl” key

usually, Ctrl is a common key on the keyboard in tally ERP 9, Ctrl key combination makes a different type of shortcut keys. in the below section we have to learn usefully the tally shortcuts that is used with ctrl keys.

Ctrl+A1. To accept form or voucher
2. To save report or screen
Ctrl+GTo select Groups
Ctrl+MTo go from Tally Screen to Main Area Screen.
Ctrl+NTo use the calculator on the screen.
Ctrl+QWithout making any change in any work, quits that screen without making any changes.
Ctrl+RThe same type of Voucher Narration is used to repeat in each Ledger.
Ctrl+TTo mark any voucher as Post Date Voucher
Ctrl+Alt+BTo see Company Statutory Details
Ctrl+Alt+CTo copy any Text word in Tally.
Ctrl+Alt+RTo rewrite the error in the data
Ctrl + Alt + ITo Import Statutory Masters
Ctrl+Alt+VYou copied the word from Tally

Tally ERP 9 Shortcut key with “ALT” key

In Tally’s keyboard shortcut, some shortcuts are used with the help of ALT Key Combination. these alt keys are used in tally shortcuts to create Duplicate Voucher, Purchase Order Voucher or PO, Sale Order Voucher, Physical Stock Voucher, etc. let’s understand Tally Erp 9 alt Shortcut Keys.

Alt + F1Alt+F1 is used in three ways in tally ERP 9
1. On the menu screen one can close a company.
2. To see that report in detail on Report Screen
3. To find or extract data of anyone line from the whole Tally Data
Alt + F2Used to change the period on almost all screens of TALLY.ERP 9
Alt + F3It is used in two ways on the Gateway of Tally Screen.
1. to view or select company information 
2. to create, change or close a new company
Alt + F4To create Purchase Order Voucher or PO
Alt + F5To generate Sale Order Voucher
2. To view Sale Order Voucher details
3. To View Sales and Purchase Register summary on a quarterly basis
Ctrl+F6To enter the Rejection In
Alt + F7To manage Stock Journal or Manufacturing Journal
Alt + F8To make a delivery note after the delivery of the goods
Alt + F9To make receipt note
Alt + F10To create Physical Stock Voucher
Alt + F12To filter monetary information to the value of Vastu
Alt+2To Create Duplicate Voucher
Alt + ATo add New Voucher
Alt + CTo create a new master on Voucher Screen (this shortcut key is available on Voucher Entry and Change Screen)
Alt + DTo Delete Tally Voucher and Master
Alt + ETo export Tally Report as ASCII, HTML, XML, and SDF formats
Alt + HFor any kind of help related to Tally Software
Alt + ITo insert Voucher
Alt + NRegister any Bank Books, Group Summaries, and Journals
To see all the reports together as an automatic column
Alt + MTo email the tally report
Alt + OTo upload the tally report on the website
Alt + PTo print a tally report
Alt + RTo remove any line from the tally report
Alt + STo bring back the removed line with the help of Alt+R
Alt + UTo bring back the last line you just deleted with the help of Alt+R
Alt+WTo Browse Tally Web Browser
Alt + XTo cancel any voucher of Day Book and List Of Voucher
Alt+YTo Register Officially on Tally
Alt+Zto zoom the screen

Inventory Vouchers Shortcut Keys for Tally ERP 9

In the below table you can learn about Tally ERP 9 Shortcuts’ use of Vouchers entry. The Vouchers keyboard shortcut for tally is given below that can be used to open and operate the specified voucher entry screen in Tally. Thus, you do not need to click with the mouse every time to go to the specific voucher entry.

ESC Clear entry
F10 To find/see All Voucher’s Shortcut Key.
F9To use Purchase Voucher
F8To use the Sale Voucher
F7To use Journal Voucher
F6To use Receipt Voucher
F5To use Payment Voucher
F4To use Contra Voucher (Bank Transaction)
Ctrl+TTo make an entry in the form of Post-Dated Voucher
Ctrl+LTo apply Optional Voucher to any Voucher
Ctrl+Iyou can write more information on that voucher.
Ctrl+HTo change the voucher in different modes.
Ctrl+F9To use Purchase Order Voucher
Ctrl+F8To use Sales Order Voucher
Ctrl+F7This is an Inventory Voucher to use Physical Stock Voucher.
Ctrl+F6To use Rejection In Voucher
Ctrl+F5To use Rejection Out Voucher
Ctrl+F4To use Payroll Voucher
Ctrl+FUse this key to fill Autofill details in Voucher
Alt + SUse this key to view the query of any stock while entering the voucher
Alt + F9To use Receipt Note Voucher
Alt + F8To use Delivery Note Voucher
Alt + F7This is an Inventory Voucher to use Stock Journal Voucher.
Alt + F6To use Credit Note Voucher
Alt + F5To use Debit Note Voucher

Reports Shortcut Keys for Tally ERP

Do you use the mouse to view the Reports in tally? well, the tally has already a Reports Shortcut Keys that you should use to view and summarise the tally reports while working on Tally Prime and Gst Software. let’s learn about Tally ERP to view Reports Shortcut Keys.

Alt + F1 / Alt + F5This key is used to view the detailed information of the report.
Alt + F12This key is used to filter any data.
Alt + F2To change the duration of the report voucher or company
Alt + VBy using this key you can open the GST Portal.
Ctrl+BThis key is used to view the report in different values.
Ctrl+ETo export the current voucher or report
Ctrl+HThis key is used to view the report in different ways like Post Dated Summary, Cash Deposit Slip, Daily Breakup, Monthly Summary, etc.
Ctrl+JThis key is used to view Optional Vouchers, Canceled Vouchers, and Post-Dated Vouchers.
Ctrl+MTo mail a current voucher or report
Ctrl+PTo print the current voucher or report
F2To change the date of the voucher

FAQs on Tally Accounting Software Shortcut Keys List

  1. What are tally shortcut keys?

    it is the two or more key combination that is used in tally for easy to use working process. in this post we have listed 200+ Tally Shortcut keys that help to work faster and improve your performance.

  2. What are the function keys shortcut in tally?

    in the tally software, we use function keys (F1 to F12) as a shortcut. well, the use of functions in Tally is listed in the above post.

  3. What is the shortcut to shut Company?

    Ctrl + Q is the shortcut key to shut the company.

  4. What is the shortcut to remove Ledger in tally?

    Alt + D is the shortcut to remove Ledger in tally. if you want to remove Ledger in tally manually then Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info > Ledgers > Alter > Press Alt+D

  5. How to change Voucher date and current Period In Tally ERP 9

    Alt F2 is the shortcut key to change the current period in Tally

  6. what is the shortcut key for the calculator in tally

    How can I activate Calculator in tally? Ctrl N is the shortcut key for the calculator in tally.

  7. How can I download tally ERP shortcut keys pdf?

    Dear Readers, you can Download the Tally Shortcut keys pdf in the above section. in that pdf list, you can download 400+ tally Shortcut keys list pdf Download in PDF & Excel File.


If you read post carefully, then these all Tally Shortcut Keys Save Time. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then you can write low comments for this.