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The Full Form of SUCI: Socialist Unity Centre of India

SUCI stands for Socialist Unity Centre of India. SUCI is a political party in India that is Founded on 24 April 1948. It believes in socialism, which means it wants to create a society where wealth and resources are shared more equally among people.

SUCI works to fight for the rights of workers, farmers, and marginalized communities. It aims to eliminate poverty, exploitation, and inequality in society. The party participates in elections and advocates for its socialist principles to bring about positive changes in the country.

SUCI has different wings, including the All India Democratic Students Organisation, All India Democratic Youth Organisation, All India Mahila Sanskritik Sanghathan (Women’s wing), All India United Trade Union Centre (Labour wing), and All India Krishak Khet Majdoor Sangathan (Peasant’s wing).

Their general secretary is Provash Ghosh, and the party’s founder is Shibdas Ghosh, along with Nihar Mukherjee. SUCI’s political position is considered to be far-left.

Related FAQs

What is the meaning of SUCI in the party?

The meaning of SUCI is “Socialist Unity Centre of India ” in terms of party.

What is the full form of SUCI?

The Full Form of SUCI is “Socialist Unity Centre of India “.

What does SUCI mean in politics?

SUCI means “Socialist Unity Centre of India ” in politics.

What is the SUCI Meaning?

The SUCI means “Socialist Unity Centre of India “.

What is the SUCI Full Form in india

The SUCI Full Form is “Socialist Unity Centre of India“.

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