All MS Excel Shortcut Keys A to Z Pdf List

Excel, one of the most powerful Spread Sheet Program software that helps to Open, Create, Edit, Formatting, Calculate, Share and Print advanced datasheets. well, in this post, we learn about Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts List Pdf.

Not only, These all Microsoft Excel shortcut keys, save your time while your working time. but also, improve your computer skills.

A to Z MS Excel All Shortcut Keys

excel is quite complicated Spread Sheet Program software, there are multiple functions, formulas, and menus. that’s why we need some Excel All Shortcut Keys Which help to manage data and make our work easier. here is a complete list of the A to Z Excel All Shortcut Keys list.

Excel Shortcut Keys Functions
Ctrl + ATo select all the cells on the page 
Ctrl + BTo bold any text or number
Ctrl + CTo copy any text or number
Ctrl + DTo fill a column in any text
Ctrl+FTo use Find and Replace in a spreadsheet
Ctrl+Nto create a new workbook
Ctrl+Sto save a worksheet
Ctrl+Wto close the worksheet
Ctrl+Zto take a step back
Ctrl + Yto repeat
Ctrl + Fto search
F12To open saved documents
Ctrl + F4To close the worksheet
F4Repeat the last command or action. 
Shift + F11to get a new worksheet
Ctrl + F2To see a print preview of a worksheet
F1To open the Help Box
Alt + QTo open Go To option
F7to check to spell
F9To count all worksheets in all open workbooks
Shift + F9To count open worksheets
Alt or F10To activate Menu Bar
Ctrl + F1Show or hide the ribbon
Ctrl + Shift + UTo expand or collapse the formula bar
Ctrl + F9To minimize the worksheet
F11To take a new chart
Alt + F1To insert a chart sheet
Alt + FTo open the File tab menu
Alt + Hto go to the home tab
Alt + NTo open the option of the Insert tab
Alt + PTo go to the page layout tab
Alt + MTo go to the Formulas tab
Alt + ATo go to the Data tab
Alt + RTo go to the Review tab
Alt + WTo go to the View tab
Alt + XTo go to the Add-ins tab
Alt + YTo go to the Help tab
Ctrl+TabTo switch between open worksheets
Shift + F3function to insert
Alt + F8To create a macro dialog box
Alt + F11To open the Visual Basic Editor

Moving shortcut keys for Excel

In the Excel spreadsheet, we can deal with cells and columns. with the help of MS Excel Moving shortcut keys to easily navigate your entire worksheets move cells in Excel using the keyboard, or which column to go to or automatically navigate your entire worksheet. let’s know about – Excel shortcut key for moving

Shortcut keyFunctions
Left / Right Arrowto move a cell left or right
Ctrl+Left / Right ArrowTo go to the last and first cell of the row
Up/Down Arrowto move a cell up and down
Ctrl+Up/Down ArrowTo move up or down a cell in a column
Tabto go to the next cell
Shift+Tabto go to the previous cell
Ctrl+EndTo go to the last cell of the worksheet
F5To open the Go To option and go to any cell
HomeGo to the leftmost cell in the current row
Ctrl+Hometo go to the beginning of the worksheet
Page Up/DownTo move up or down a screen in the worksheet
Ctrl+Page Up/DownTo go to the previous and next worksheet
Alt+Page Up/DownTo move one screen to the right or left in a worksheet

Excel Selecting Cells Shortcut Keys

Are you using the mouse to select the cell and it consumes your time and it also slows your work? then don’t worry. let’s Explore the most important and useful Selecting Cells Shortcut Keys for excel. that save you time while you working in excel.

Shortcut Keys to Edit Cells in ExcelFunctions
Shift+Left/Right ArrowTo select left and right of active cell
Shift + SpaceTo select an entire row
Ctrl+SpaceTo select an entire column
Ctrl+Shift+SpaceTo select the entire worksheet
F2To edit a cell
Shift + F2To add a comment to an edit cell
Ctrl + XTo cut a document
Ctrl + InsertTo copy selected data, or selected cell range
Shift + InsertTo paste selected data or select cell range
Ctrl + Alt + VTo open the Paste Special dialog box
DeleteTo delete selected data or select cell range
Alt + EnterTo start a new line in the same cell of a cell
F3Paste the cell name
Alt + H + D + Cto delete a column
EscTo cancel an entry in a cell or in the formula bar
Enterto command

Excel Cell Formatting Shortcut Keys

Cell formatting is one of the best options to decorate or organize your data in a spreadsheet. to use the Cell Formatting Shortcut Keys you can easily create a text border, italic bold or underline the text, insert pie chart, Current date and time, and color the given data. so, let’s know Excel Formatting Shortcuts key pdf

Cell Formatting Shortcut Functions
Ctrl + –To delete documents
Ctrl + ;to enter today’s date
Ctrl + :To enter the time of Present
Ctrl + 0To hide a column
Ctrl + 1To format the cell dial log box
Ctrl + 2To bold any document
Ctrl + 3To italicize any document
Ctrl + 4To underline in any document
Ctrl + 5To cut off a document
Ctrl + 6to make an object visible or hidden
Ctrl + 7To show or hide the toolbar
Ctrl + 8To see the outline symbol
Ctrl + 9To hide (Row)
Ctrl + ATo select all the cells in the range
Ctrl + Alt + F9For Complete Calculation of All Worksheet
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F9to measure everything
Ctrl + F10To Minimize or Restore
Ctrl + F114.0 macro sheet insert
Ctrl + F12To open any file
Ctrl + F3To define the name
Ctrl + F6To go to the Next Workbook window
Ctrl + F7To move in the window
Ctrl + F8To Resize Window
Ctrl + GGo to Option
Ctrl + Hto replace
Ctrl + ITo add or remove italics to some selected data or the contents of a selected cell range
Ctrl + ITo italicize any document
Ctrl + KTo add a hyperlink
Ctrl + Nto fetch a new workbook
Ctrl + OTo open files
Ctrl + PTo print documents
Ctrl + RTo fill the right part in Excel
Ctrl + Shift + !Use for comma format
Ctrl + Shift + (To Show any (Rows)
Ctrl + Shift + )To show any column
Ctrl + Shift + @To do time formatting
Ctrl + Shift + *To select the current region
Ctrl + Shift + &Any elected Outline border in Cell applying for
Ctrl + Shift + #To do date formatting
Ctrl + Shift + %percent format to the
Ctrl + Shift + ^Ltd. Exponelation to Format It
Ctrl + Shift + +To insert Cell, Row, and Column
Ctrl + Shift + $To format the currency
Ctrl + Shift + 4To convert any cell into the currency
Ctrl + Shift + 5To convert any cell to Percentage
Ctrl + Shift + 6Mainly scientific marks Use to
Ctrl + Shift + 7To create an outline around the selection
Ctrl + Shift + AIn Formula insert name of arguments for
Ctrl + Shift + F12To print any document
Ctrl + Shift + F3To create a list by row and column name
Ctrl + Shift + F6to go to the previous window
Ctrl + SpacebarTo select the Present column
Ctrl + Uto underline
Ctrl WTo close the workbook
Ctrl+Shift+_ (Underline)To remove the outline border in any selected cell
Shift + F10To show the shortcut menu
Alt + ’To open the Format Style dialog box
Alt + Down arrowTo show Auto-Complete List
Alt + EscTo go to the last two applications in the Taskbar
Alt + F2Use any document to save as
Alt + F4To exit any Workbook
Alt + H + Bto add border
Alt + i + cTo insert any column
Alt + i + rTo insert any row
Alt + Shift + F1To use for New Worksheet
Alt + Shift + F2To save a workbook
Alt or F10To activate any menu


In this post, we collect all possible MS Excel All Shortcut Keys List Pdfs for our readers. these shortcut keys for excel are sure to help to save your working time and boost your working skills.

If you have read these keyboard shortcuts for excel pdf, then the information given in it will prove to be informative for you. Along with this, for your good practice, you can download all these shortcut keys by clicking on the Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys pdf given below.