All Scientific Names of Animal, Bird, Fruits, Flower, Vegetable, Spices List

Do you know what is Botanical Name or Scientific name for Animal, Plant, Fruits, flowers, vegetables, and Spices. and what is the use of a Botanical Name in biology? In this post, we have discussed the Common name as well as the Scientific Name of humans, Plants, birds Flowers, Fruits, Spices, Dry Fruits, Vegetables, and Animals. In short, you have been given information about the “A to Z Botanical Name List Pdf are given below” so read the post till the end.

What is the scientific or Botanical Name?

Swedish biologist Carl Linnaeus was the first biologist who discovered the Set Code of Scientific Naming System in the 18th century. It is called Zoological Nomenclature or Scientific Naming system. Nomenclature is driven by Latin words Where Nomen denotes a name and Clature denotes a calling. The scientific or botanical name is made up of two parts: the genus and the species. Nomenclature is the branch of biology that Set the scientific names of organisms like plants, animals, etc. The nomenclature of organisms is a system for categorizing, classifying, and naming organisms, as well as the system of names used to describe them. It concerns the scientific names used to describe organisms and the system of names used to describe them.

what is the use of the scientific or Botanical name?

There are millions of flora and fauna found in the world. And each animal, tree, plant, and flora is known by different names in different places of the world, such as a lion in India is called a lion, while in Spain the lion is called Leon, in Polish Loe, and in Swahili, it is called Shimbha. To a solution of the different names, biologists Create a set of codes that is Zoological Nomenclature or Scientific Naming system. And according to this Zoological Nomenclature system, the lion was given a unique and universal name, which is called Panthera Leo.

The scientific name or botanical name is the name used to identify a plant or other organism according to the scientific classification system. The name may be the same as the common name, but it does not always have to be. The scientific name is used in scientific publications, such as scientific journals. It is also used in botany, which is the scientific study of plants, to identify a plant or other organism.

How to define the process of nomenclature naming system?

Just as our name has two components, first our name and second our surname, in the same way, there are two components of Scientific Name – which are called Genus and Species. Some rules have to be followed before writing or determining the scientific name. like

  • fThe name of The Genus starts with Capital Letter.
  • The name of Species starts with Small Letter.
  • Whenever a Scientific Name is printed, Then Genus and Species both must be printed together in Italics.
  • Botanical names of plants prescribed by the ICBN (International Code of Botanical Nomenclature) for algae, fungi, and plants
  • And, Scientific names of Animals or prescribed by the ICZN (the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature)
  • Underline both Genus and Species while writing. Let us understand with an example-
  • The scientific name of mango is Mangifera indica. Where Mangifera is Genus and indica is Species.
  • one more example of the Scientific name of goldfish is Carassius auratus. in the name Carassius is Genus, and auratus is Species.

List of All Animals Common & scientific names of animal

Well, In this post, a complete list of scientific names of animals, scientific names of fruits, coffee, scientific names of vegetables, scientific names of spices, and scientific names of The plants is given below. these all 1000+ Scientific Name of humans, Plants, Bird Flowers, Fruits, Spices, Dry Fruits, Vegetables, and Animals are useful for your knowledge.

Scientific Name of animals
Scientific Name of animals
The common name of the animalScientific names of animal
chameleon scientific nameChamaeleonidae
scientific name of anteaterMyrmecophaga tridactyla
scientific name of batChiroptera
scientific name of bearUrsus Matitimus Rainiera
scientific name of blue whaleBalaenoptera musculus
scientific name of buffaloBubalas bubalis
scientific name of bullBoss Primijiniys Taurus
scientific name of bullfrogRana Catesbeiana
scientific name of camelCamelas Domedarias
scientific name of CatFelis domestica
scientific name of cheetahPantra Pardus
scientific name of chickenGallus Gallus
scientific name of chimpanzeePan troglodytes
scientific name of chipmunkTamias Striatus
scientific name of cockroachBlattaria
scientific name of cowBoss indicus
scientific name of crabBrachyura
scientific name of crocodileCrocodylinae
scientific name of deerCervidae
scientific name of dodoRaphus Cucullatus
scientific name of DogCanis Families
scientific name of dolphinPlatonista catica
scientific name of donkeyEquus Asinus
scientific name of elephantEphilas indica
scientific name of flyMasca Domestica
scientific name of foxCanidae
scientific name of frogRana Tigrina (Hoplobatrachus tigerinus)
scientific name of gharialGavialis Gangeticus
scientific name of giraffeGiraffa
scientific name of goatCepta Hitamus
scientific name of grasshopperCaelifera
scientific name of hippopotamusHippopotamus amphibius
scientific name of horseEquus Cabellas
scientific name of hyenasHyena
Scientific name of Indian elephantElephas Maximus Indicus
scientific name of jackalCanis aureus
scientific name of jellyfishScyphozoa
scientific name of leopardPanthera pardus
scientific name of lionPanthera leo
scientific name of lizardLacertilia
scientific name of mosquitoCulicidae
scientific name of octopusOctopus vugaris
scientific name of ostrichStruthio camelus
scientific name of penguinSpheniscidae
scientific name of pigSus scrofa domesticus
scientific name of polar bearUrsus maritimus
scientific name of pumaGorilla Concolor
scientific name of pythonPython Molurus
scientific name of rabbitOrictolegas cuniculus
scientific name of ratRattus
scientific name of reindeerRuservas du Lavelli
scientific name of rhinocerosRhinocerotidae
scientific name of sheepOvez araiz
scientific name of siberian tigerPanthera tigris altaica
scientific name of snailHelix pomatia
scientific name of snakeSerpentes
scientific name of snow leopardUncle panther
scientific name of spiderAraneae
scientific name of squirrelSciuridae
scientific name of termiteIsoptera
scientific name of tigerPanthera tigris
scientific name of tortoiseTestudines
scientific name of whale sharkRhincodon typus
scientific name of the wolfCanis lupus
scientific name of zebraEquus quagga
Common and Scientific names of animals List

List of All Scientific or Botanica names of Birds

Every day, we all have to see different types of birds fly in the sky, some of them are domestic and some are birds living in the forest. but all birds have their own scientific or botanical names. that express their Genus and Species. these botanical name of birds helps ornithologist to find out their nomenclature naming system. so let’s learn about Scientific or Botanica names of Birds list.

Scientific Names of Birds
Scientific Names of Birds
The common name of BirdsScientific or Botanica names of Birds
Scientific name of sparrow birdPasseridae
scientific name of house sparrowPasser Domesticus
Scientific name of KingfisherAlcedines
scientific name of duckAnas platyrhynchos
scientific name of crowCorvus brachyrhynchos
scientific name of eagleMilvus migrans
scientific name of roosterGallus gallus
scientific name of peacockPavo cristatus
scientific name of quailCoturnix coturnix
scientific name of chickenGallus gallus
scientific name of swanCygnus
scientific name of pigeonColumbidae
scientific name of pheasantPerdix perdix
scientific name of cuckooCuculidae
scientific name of papayaHierococcyx
Scientific name of FakhtaColumbidae
scientific name of mynaAcridotheres tristis
scientific name of woodpeckerPicidae
scientific name of vultureCathartidae
scientific name of nightingaleLuscinia megarhynchos
scientific name of chaktaAlauda arvensis
The scientific name of the owlStrigiformes
scientific name of storkGruidae
scientific name of parrotPsittaciformes
scientific name of ostrichStruthio Camelus
Scientific or Botanica names of Birds

List of All Scientific or Botanica names of Plants

There are different types of flora present on our earth. and these all plats have also a Scientific or Botanica names. these Scientific names of plants help to find their Genus and Species. so in the below list of common and Scientific names of Plants that grow surrounding us. but we don’t know their Botanica or Scientific names of Plants. so in the below section, you can learn about scientific name of Tree and plants

Scientific Names of Plants and trees
Scientific Names of Plants and trees
The common name of PlantsThe Scientific or Botanica names of Plants
scientific name of oakQuercus
scientific name of Apple of SodomCalotropis procera
Scientific name of acaciaAcacia nilotica
scientific name of aloeveraAloe barbadensis miller
Scientific name of AshokaSaraca indica
scientific name of bambooBamboosa
scientific name of banyanFicus benghalensis
scientific name of basilOxyment Tenuiflorum
Scientific name of DaturaDatura stramonium
scientific name of evergreenCatharanthus roseus
Scientific name of Gorakh tamarindAdansonia digitata
Scientific name of GulmoharDelonix regia rafin
scientific name of hibiscusHibiscus rosasinensis
Scientific name of KachnarBauhinia purpurea
scientific name of kadambaAnthocephalus indicus
Scientific name of Mimosa (Lajwanti plant)Mimosa pudica
scientific name of maizeZia Mays
scientific name of mehndiLawsonia inermis
scientific name of milletPennisetum Americanum
Scientific name of money plantEpipremnum Golden
scientific name of neemazadhirachta indica
scientific name of opiumPapaver Somniferum
scientific name of paddyOryza Sativa
scientific name of peepalFicus religiosa Linn
scientific name of peepal treeFicus religious
scientific name of sandalwoodSantalum album
scientific name of shikakaiAcacia concinna
scientific name of sunflowerHelianthus annuus
scientific name of thunderboltBarleria prionitis
scientific name of tickTectona grandis Linn.
scientific name of tobaccoNicotina tobaccum
scientific name of wheatHarvesting
scientific name of wild onionUrginea indicates
Scientific or Botanica names of Plants

List of All Scientific names of fruits

Fruit is the gift of nature. Fruits are commonly known by their common names, but biologists have to assign scientific names to fruits. Although we do not use the scientific or botanical names of fruits in our daily lives, it has great importance from a scientific point of view. Well in the below list common names as well as the scientific names for the fruits.

Scientific Names of fruits
Scientific Names of fruits
The common name of fruitsThe Scientific names of fruits
scientific name of watermelonCitrullus Vulgaris
scientific name of cucumberCusumis Sativus
scientific name of appleMalus pumila/Domestica
scientific name of pearPyrus Communis
scientific name of pomegranatePunica granatum
scientific name of grapeVitis
scientific name of dragon fruitHylocereus undutus
scientific name of tamarindTamarindus Indica
The scientific name of avocadoPersea americana
scientific name of figFicus carica
scientific name of lemonCitrus Limonium
scientific name of kiwiActinidia deliciosa
scientific name of coconutCoco Nucifera
scientific name of litchiLitchi Chinensis
scientific name of papayaCarica Papaya
scientific name of cherryPrunus avium
scientific name of orangeCitrus Sinensis
scientific name of mangoMagnifera indica
Scientific name of RaspberryRubus idaeobatus
scientific name of guavaPsidium guava
scientific name of jamunSyzygium Cumini
scientific name of jackfruitArtocarpus integra
scientific name of pineappleComosus Pineapple
scientific name of plumZiziphus Mauritiana
scientific name of sugarcaneSugarans officinarum
scientific name of date palmPhoenix dactylifera
scientific name of bananaMusa Paradisiaca
scientific name of apricotPrunus armeniaca
scientific name of beetBeta Vulgaris
scientific name of jamunSyzygium Cumini
scientific name of gooseberryRibes uva-crispa
Scientific name of PassionfruitPassiflora edulis
All Scientific names of fruits

List of All Scientific names of Vegetables

Vegetables are daily used things in our daily life. a common people know only common names of vegetables. but a student of botany knows all vegetables by their Scientific names. and I recommended to you that you also know the scientific names of important vegetables. so in the below, let’s learn about the botanical names of vegetables.

Scientific Names of vegetables
Scientific Names of vegetables
The Common name for vegetablesThe Scientific names of vegetables
scientific name of onionAllium Sipia
scientific name of radishRafenas sativas
scientific name of beetBeta Vulgaris crassa group
scientific name of brinjal (eggplant)Solanum melongena
scientific name of cabbageBrassica oleracea
Scientific name of butternut squashCucurbita moschata
scientific name of maizeZia Mays
scientific name of peaPisum Setivium
scientific name of asparagusAsparagus officinalis
scientific name of radishRafenas sativas
scientific name of mustardBrassica Campestris
scientific name of garlicAllium Serraiwan
scientific name of turnipBrassica rapus
scientific name of cucumberCucumis sativus
scientific name of gingerZingiber Offsininel
scientific name of bell pepperCapsicum annum
scientific name of green soybeanGlycine max
scientific name of broccoliBrassica oleracea
Scientific name of Lady FingerAbelmoschus esculentus
scientific name of tomatoLycoparcenic esculentum
scientific name of beansPhaseolus vulgaris
scientific name of carrotPostas Carota
scientific name of coffeeCoffea Arabica
scientific name of teaThea Sinensis
scientific name of cottonGossypium
scientific name of milletPennisetum Americanum
scientific name of sweet potatoIpomoea batatas
scientific name of wheatTriticum Aestivum
scientific name of cauliflowerBrassica oleresica
scientific name of green beanPhaseolus vulgaris
scientific name of cucumberCucumis Sativus
scientific name of bitter gourdMomordica Charantia
scientific name of paddyOryza Sativa
The Scientific names of vegetables

List of All Scientific Names of Spices 

spice is used for cooking in the kitchen. it is also a good natural remedy for us. It is a fruit with a very good aroma and flavor. The most common spice is turmeric, black pepper, asafoetida, ginger, cayenne pepper, red chili, cloves, etc. there are Scientific names of all these spices. let’s see the different types of Scientific Names for Spices.

Scientific Names of Spices
Scientific Names of Spices
The Common name of Spices The Scientific Names of Spices 
scientific name of absintheArtemisia absinthium
scientific name of asafoetidaFerula assa-foetida
scientific name of bay leafLaurus nobilis
scientific name of black pepperPiper Nigrum
scientific name of cardamomElettaria Cardamomum
scientific name of cinnamonTrue Cinnamon
scientific name of cloveSyzygium aromaticum
scientific name of corianderCoriandrum sativum
scientific name of cuminCuminum Cyminum
scientific name of curry leavesMurraya koenigii
scientific name of dry gingerZingiber officinale
scientific name of fennelFoeniculum Vulgare
scientific name of fenugreekTrigonella
Scientific name of flaxseedLinus usatus
scientific name of gingerZingiber officinale
scientific name of green chilliCapsicum
Scientific name of green corianderCoriandrum sativum
Scientific name of KalonjiNigella sativa
scientific name of maceMyristica Fragrans
scientific name of madderRubia cordifolia
scientific name of mintMentha
scientific name of mustard oilBrassica nigra
scientific name of nutmegMyristica fragrans
scientific name of opiumPapaver somniferum
scientific name of oreganoApium graveolens
scientific name of poppyPapaver somniferum
Scientific name of RamtilGuizotia abyssinica
scientific name of red chilliCapsicum
scientific name of red pepperCapsium anum
scientific name of saffronCrocus sativius
scientific name of saltSodium chloride
scientific name of sesameSesamum indicum
scientific name of turmericCurcuma longa
scientific name of vinegarAcetic acid
scientific name of white pepperblack pepper
scientific name of yeastSaccharomyces cerevisiae
The Scientific Names of Spices 

List of All Scientific Names Of Nuts and Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are any fruit that has been dehydrated without the use of added sugar, water, or other liquids. Fruits aren’t just delicious, they’re also good for you. i.e, Almond, Cashews, Raisins, Walnuts, Pistachios, Dates, Apricots. well, the branch of science defines a particular botanical name for these dry fruits. in the below 20+ Scientific Names Of Nuts and Dry Fruits.

Scientific Names of Dry fruits
Scientific Names of Dry fruits
The Common of Nuts and dry fruitsScientific Names Of Nuts and dry fruits
scientific name of DatesPhoenix dactylifera
scientific name of ApricotsPrunus armeniaca
scientific name of AlmondPrunus dulcis
scientific name of BetelnutAreca catechu
Scientific name of Brazil nutBertholletia Excelsa
scientific name of cardamomIteritia chordomomum
scientific name of cashewAnacardium Aromaticum
scientific name of chestnutCastanea Dentata
scientific name of chilgozapinus gerardiana
Scientific name of dry coconutcocos nucifera
scientific name of gooseberryVacinim Uliginosum
scientific name of macadamiaMacadamia
Scientific name of MakhanaEuryale Forex
scientific name of peanutArachis hypogaea
scientific name of pistachiopistacia vera
Scientific name of potato feverPrunus Domestica
scientific name of raisinVitis Vinifera
scientific name of saffronCrocus sativus
scientific name of sesameIndicum
scientific name of walnutjuglans
Scientific Names Of Nuts and dry fruits

List of All Scientific/Botanical Names Of Flowers

Many species of flowers are found in our nature. There are hundreds and thousands of species of the same flower found in different countries. Flowers are also classified on the basis of colors like white, red, blue, yellow, pink, orange, green, black, etc. The names of each flower are different in different languages. For example, sunflower is addressed as Sunflower in English, Tournesol in French, Patalam in Sanskrit, Gulaf in Nepali. Despite having different names, the colors, types, properties, and uses of those flowers are the same. But they have only one name in the language of botanists. And by the same name, he is known globally. So Botanist does not face any problem in doing research.

Botanic names of flowers, Scientific Names of flowers
Botanic or Scientific Names of flowers
Common names of flowersScientific Names Of Flowers
Scientific Names of RoseRosa
Scientific Names of LotusNelumbium Speciosum
Scientific Names of SunflowerHelianthus Annus
Scientific Names of MarigoldTagetes Spp
Scientific Names of PlumeriaFrangipani
Scientific Names of JasmineJasminum
Scientific Names of TuberosePolyanthes tuberosa
Scientific Names of HibiscusHibiscus
Scientific Names of LilyLilium
Scientific Names of DaisyBellis Perennis
Scientific Names of OleanderNerium Indicum
Scientific Names of Butterfly PeaClitoria Ternatea
Scientific Names of Golden ShowerCassia Fistula
Scientific Names of MograJasminum Sambac
Scientific Names of Night Blooming JasmineCestrum Nocturnum
Scientific Names of MograJasminum Sambac
Scientific Names of Night JasmineNyctanthes Arbortristis
Scientific Names of DaffodilNarcissus Spp
Scientific Names of CrossandraCrossandra Infundibuliformis
Scientific Names of Arabian JasmineJasminum Sambac
Scientific Names of LavenderLavandula
Scientific Names of AcaciaAcacia
Scientific Names of ChrysanthemumChrysanthemum Sinense
Scientific Names of PoppyPapaver Somniferum
Scientific Names of Ashok FlowerSaraca Asoca
Scientific Names of BLue StarAmsonia
Scientific Names of IrisIris
Scientific Names of Forest Ghost FlowerAeginetia Indica
Scientific Names of Lady Slipper OrchidOrchidaceae
Scientific Names of AlliumAllium
Scientific Names of BauhinaBauhinia
Scientific Names of TulipTulipa
Scientific Names of KannaSceletium Tortuosum
Scientific Names of Cock’s CombCelosia
Scientific Names of Star GloryIpomoea Hederifolia
Scientific Names of Black Turmeric FlowerCurcuma Caesia
Scientific Names of CrocusCrocus
Scientific Names of Calla LilyZantedeschia
Scientific Names of CosmosCosmos Bipinnatus
Scientific Names of Balloon FlowerPlatycodon Grandiflorus
Scientific Names of Holly HockAlcea
Scientific Names of Royal PoincianaDelonix Regia
Scientific Names of Aloe VeraAloe Barbadensis Miller
Scientific Names of Cherry BlossomPrunus Serrulata
Scientific Names of Touch Me NotMimosa Pudica
Scientific Names of Touch Me NotMimosa Pudica
Scientific Names of Giant Crape MyrtleLagerstroemia Speciosa
Scientific Names of ZinniaZinnia Elegans
Scientific Names of Sweet JasmineJasminum
Scientific Names of Titan ArumAmorphophallus Titanum
Scientific Names of AsterCallistephus Hortensis
Scientific Names of CannaCanna Indica
Scientific Names of JimsonweedDatura Stramonium
Scientific Names of Cobra SaffronMesua Ferrea
Scientific Names of Cobras SaffronMesua Ferrea
Scientific Names of Prickly PearOpuntia
Scientific Names of Blue Water LilyNymphaea Nouchali
Scientific Names of BluebellHyacinthoides non-scripta
Scientific Names of ErythrinaKanaio Beach
Scientific Names of PalashButea
Scientific Names of PoppyPoppy
Scientific Names of LilacSyringa
Scientific Names of Glory LilyGloriosa Superba
Scientific Names of PansyViola tricolor var. hortensis
Scientific Names of Prim RosePrimula Vulgaris
Scientific Names of RhododendronRhododendron
Scientific Names of BougainvilleaBougainvillea
Scientific Names of Brahma KamalSaussurea Obvallata
Scientific Names of Lady Finger FlowerAbelmoschus Esculentus
Scientific Names of MotiaJasminum Sambac
Scientific Names of Bleeding HeartLamprocapnos
Scientific Names of AnemoneActiniaria
Scientific Names of LantanaLantana Camara
Scientific Names of Jungle GeraniumIxora coccinea
Scientific Names of RohiraTecomella Undulata
Scientific Names of Red GingerAlpinia Purpurata
Scientific Names of LupinLupinus spp
Scientific Names of ConeflowerEchinacea
Scientific Names of Imperial CrownFritillaria Imperialis
Scientific Names of PeriwinkleCatharanthus Roseus
Scientific Names of JuniperJuniperus Communis
Common and Scientific/Botanical Names Of Flowers list

Botanical Names of Animal, Bird, Fruits, Flower, Vegetable, Spices List PDF

The Final Word is that these are some of the most important Animals, birds, fruits, flowers, vegetables, Spices common names, as well as, All Living Thing’s scientific or botanical names. From the point of science, Scientific Names of Common Flora and fauna play a very important role in research. You can download all scientific name lists in pdf format. by simply clicking on the below button