What is PSTM Full Form, Meaning, And Definition

The Full Form of PSTM: Pre-Stack Time Migration

PSTM stands for Pre-Stack Time Migration. PSTM is a technique used to create images of the subsurface structure of the Earth. The method involves processing and analyzing seismic data collected by sensors that are placed at various locations on or below the Earth’s surface.

During seismic processing, data are corrected before they are stacked together to form an image of the subsurface. Corrections are made for various factors that affect the recorded signals, such as the varying speed of sound waves as they travel through different types of rocks and other subsurface materials.

Similar meaning of PSTM

There are some of the most commonly used acronyms, abbreviations, full forms, and the meaning of PSTM are listed in different categories below the table.

PSTMPhonological Short Term MemoryMedical
PSTMPhoton Scanning Tunneling MicroscopyAcademic & Science
PSTMPublic Sector Technology And ManagementBusiness
PSTMPhoton Scanning Tunneling MicroscopeAcademic & Science
PSTMPre Stack Time MigrationMiscellaneous
PSTMPre-Stack Time MigrationComputing
PSTMPhoton Scanning Tunneling MicroscopesMiscellaneous
PSTMPlastic Surgery The MeetingMedical
PSTMPublic Safety Technology ModernizationComputing
PSTMPerceptual Short Term MemoryAcademic & Science
PSTMPresidents Secretary Treasurer And MembershipMiscellaneous
PSTMPiggy Saves The MarketMiscellaneous
PSTMPython Software Transactional MemoryComputing
PSTMPhoton Scanning Tunnelling MicroscopeMiscellaneous
PSTMPolskie Stowarzyszenie Techniki MagazynowejMiscellaneous
PSTMPhoton Scanning TunnelingMiscellaneous
PSTMPolskiego Stowarzyszenia Techniki MagazynowejMiscellaneous